Baked to Perfection: Spark Spells This Halloween with a CBD-Infused Witch’s Brew

cannabis witches brew

[Canniseur: As we move into cooler weather, Bruja’s Brew sounds absolutely perfectly warming. It can be made with or without alcohol. Find the recipe here. This interview with bruja Lynsey Ayala, of BreadxButta, will make you want to go to Brooklyn, NY and book a ‘Plant Medicine Consultation’ with her.]

We caught up with real-life bruja Lynsey Ayala of BreadxButta about celebrating Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos instead of Halloween, and what goes into the best Coquito witch’s brew.

Blame it on the turning of the seasons, the fact that all of your friends are obsessed with “The Pattern” and “Co-Star” apps, or the not-so-quiet murmurs of a country trying to cope before another heart-wrenching election — but witchcraft is back, baby! (Even the New York Times thinks so.)

Since there’s no month that’s witchier than October, this week’s Baked to Perfection recipe is a CBD-infused brew for brujas by way of Lynsey Ayala, the self-ascribed Curandera behind BreadxButta, a Brooklyn-based botanica brand focused on fusing cannabis wellness, art, and education. If you’re into infused honey, weed lube, CBD smokes, reiki, crystal healing, and/or sound baths, consider this your one-stop shop for plant-based magic in New York City.

Bruja's Brew


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