Baker Mixes Up “Moana” With “Marijuana,” Creates World’s Best Birthday Cake

[Canniseur: Funky funny Friday. All I can say is “Oops.”]

At every level of customer service, the golden rule is that the customer is always right. So when an Atlanta, Georgia bakery received a request for a “marijuana” themed birthday cake, the staff put together its best sheet pastry, and broke out the weed leaf decals. The cake even featured a green My Little Pony character with bloodshot eyes and a joint dangling from its snout. The only problem? The customer in question had actually ordered a Moana-themed cake, and was expecting something a little more Disney-friendly.

In a social media post that has now gone viral, Atlanta resident Kensli Davis wrote that her mother had ordered her a cake for her 25th birthday featuring characters and imagery from her favorite Disney movie. But once the cake arrived, it quickly became clear that her mother’s order had turned into a hilarious game of telephone.

“So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana (because really I do),” Kensli wrote on a Facebook post which has now been shared more than 13,000 times. “Well, needless to say, these people thought she said marijuana.”

It’s unclear why the mishap occurred, and as far as we know, the baker didn’t use any psychoactive ingredients to give the cake an even more adult vibe. But no matter how the cake came to existence, you certainly can’t criticize the execution, with green frosting lettering and some of the most perfect pot pastry imagery we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Thankfully, Kensli is an adult, and found the cake just as funny as we did. She was even happy to chow down on a blazed My Little Pony instead of Moana, writing on Facebook: “That ice cream cake was still good though.”

Now, what bakery do we call to get our own?

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