Cannabis and Yoga: A Match Made in LA Heaven

[Editor’s Note: If you love yoga and you love weed, there is nothing like combining the two in your favorite yin yoga class. Have you tried it yet?]

Nothing is legitimate in Los Angeles until there’s a yoga class that involves it, and boosted by the recent boom in legal cannabis, a greener kind of yoga offering has taken off in a big way in LA. A simple Google search revealed dozens of options for cannabis yoga classes in the Los Angeles area geared toward a variety of audiences, all involving consumption of some form of weed. I decided to go gonzo for this story and try out a Ganja Yoga class taught by Dee Dussault, who claims to be the first teacher to offer public cannabis-enhanced yoga practices.

I walked into the class unsure of what to expect. At first, it looked like any other yoga class, with wooden floors, dimmed lights and people’s mats spread out sporadically. Except, instead of people sitting on their mats, they were gathered together on a blanket in one corner of the room. The event was BYOW (bring your own weed), but thanks to the generous nature of people who inhabit the slice of venn diagram encircling both yoga enthusiasts and stoners, a bountiful arrangement of joints, cbd drops, balms, and even jars of flower was laid out on Dussault’s “picnic blanket”. Slowly people would trickle in and wander over, offering their goodies, passing joints, and making small talk. There’s something about sharing a joint with a stranger that harkens back to a traditional peace pipe, and makes you much less self-conscious about the fact that you’re about to do a series of ridiculous physical poses in front of them.

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