Cannabis Gadgets in the Heart of Tech

[Canniseur: These rigs are pretty cool, but way too much work and not worth my time. I guess I’m old fashioned, but a bud, a bowl, and a lighter make me happy. Still…these rigs are cool. With wine all I need is a bottle, a glass and a corkscrew, unless it’s a screw top and then all I need is the bottle and a glass. Not fond of drinking out of a bottle, although I did do that one time with Mouton. All this said, I WILL go to Moe Greens the next time I’m in San Francisco. Anyone want to do a meet up there?]

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there is seemingly no limit to the ways we can get that endocannabinoid rush. There are hundreds of contraptions to improve and enhance the cannabis experience and more are always in development. To get a sense of the rapidly evolving marijuana consumer product space, it’s important to note that within a matter of years, cannabis concentrate enthusiasts went from titanium nails to PuffCo Peaks and Dipsticks. For those who really want to make sure they’ve got the most clout when it comes to smoking, dabbing or vaping pot, spend some time in a cannabis consumption lounge.

The Scene at Moe Greens

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