Cannabis in Colorado: Spotlight on Trinidad Dispensaries

[Editor’s Note: Visit Trinidad! There aren’t very many places where you can walk weed shop to weed shop. Check out what’s there.]

Just 14 miles from New Mexico, 113 miles from Texas, and 116 miles from Oklahoma, Trinidad is a major canna-tourism destination. That’s how Trinidad, Colorado can support 30 dispensaries—even though their population is only about 8,000 residents.

Unlike many other towns, Trinidad allows dispensaries to set up shop right next to each other. Because of this, more than half of Trinidad’s dispensaries are clustered in a small part of historic downtown known as “The Strip.” This close environment has created some of the most competitive pricing in Colorado. Bonus: Trinidad dispensaries love veterans—dispensaries offer some of the best veteran discounts in the state.

With so many choices, it’s hard to figure out which dispensaries in Trinidad make an ideal pit-stop. Check out our picks and get ready for some serious deals.

Faragosi Farms

(Courtesy of Faragosi Farms)

Address: 118 Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad, CO
Why to Go: Friendly atmosphere, education, community

The first dispensary to open on The Strip, Faragosi Farms serves as a model and inspiration. Though I had arrived at Faragosi Farms just ten minutes before close, my budtender, Jess, took her time and answered all my questions without a rush. And she really knew her stuff (she even writes the cannabis column in the Trinidad New Legends magazine). I asked Jess how Faragosi Farms has a 4.9-star rating on Leafly with more than 300 reviews. She said that in addition to a large selection of quality products and excellent customer service, Faragosi Farms is dedicated to giving back to the community. This family-owned business donates 30% of their profits to charity.

Rooted in Trinidad

(Courtesy of Rooted)

Address: 110 Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad, CO
Why to Go: Good flower, bulk pricing, inexpensive cartridges

If you haven’t been to Rooted lately, go now. In December, they overhauled their product list based on customer requests. The result is an excellent selection based on exactly what their customers want. “Sometimes people come into the store and say they’re going to go shop around,” said budtender, Tess. “I’m proud to say that they usually come back. I think that says a lot about our prices, selection, and customer service.”

Rooted offers a wide variety of strains as well as inexpensive shake and cartridges. Their flower comes from their natural soil grow or from the well-known craft cultivator, 14er Boulder. Rooted has low prices on edibles every day, with even bigger discounts on bulk purchases.

Magnolia Road Cannabis Company Trinidad

(Courtesy of Magnolia)

Address: 413 N. Commercial Street, Trinidad, CO
Why to Go: Honest discounts

Magnolia Road Cannabis Company sells a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower. Their goal is to provide customers with the best flower deals in Trinidad. When I visited, they had ounces priced as low as $45.

I was impressed with Magnolia Road’s honesty about why their buds are discounted. Some stores offering inexpensive ounces try to pass them off as premium buds. At Magnolia Road, they explain exactly why the cannabis is discounted and help customers decide which grade is right for them.

Trinidad’s Higher Calling U

(Courtesy of THCU)

Address: 1000 Independence Road, Trinidad, CO
Why to Go: Easy access, huge selection of inexpensive concentrates and cartridges

Trinidad’s Higher Calling U is just off I-25, making it an easy stop on your way through. Higher Calling U is one of the best places in Trinidad to buy concentrates; they have a huge selection, with four pages of concentrate products and six pages of cartridges (including house strains processed by Eureka Vapor). You can buy a gram of concentrate for $15 every day, and they offer even better deals on “Shatterday Saturday” and “Wax Wednesday.”

Rocky Mountain Cannabis

Address: 614 Arizona Ave, Trinidad, CO
Why to Go: Premium flower, local discounts

Rocky Mountain Cannabis has scored a perfect “5 stars” on Leafly in less than a month of operation. I asked owner Jorge Ferrin why. “I focus on providing a wide variety of the highest quality strains from reputable growers,” he explained. The dispensary carries more than 40 strains from top-shelf growers like Verde Natural and Silverpeak Apothecary.

Jorge’s goal is to provide a laid-back shop for local Trinidad residents. “I encourage my budtenders to take their time, have a good attitude, and never upsell,” he said. Located a half mile from The Strip, Rocky Mountain offers significant discounts to veterans and local residents.

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