Coffee With Blue Dream: How Cannabis & Caffeine Interact

[Canniseur: Cannabis and caffeine. What could be better? Both work on the endocannabinoid system and complement each other. Many of us can’t start the day without that cup of coffee and some of us add a bit of cannabis to make it even nicer. While I usually don’t have the opportunity to do a dawn buster of my favorite uplifting strain along with my cup of joe, I do know that both together can be fabulous. I wonder how Jamaica Blue Mountain and Blue Dream would work together?]

For many, the jolt of caffeine and the mellowing effects of cannabis make a perfect combination. When the two meet in the body and mind, they can amplify one another, but research is limited as to how they interact on a chemical level.

Scientific studies on what happens when your morning joe meets your morning joint are scattershot and inconclusive, but they provide a rough map of what to expect of this mental terrain. But culturally, caffeine and cannabis seem like natural bedfellows, with everyone’s favorite (legal) upper most likely to be paired with cannabis from a retail perspective.

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