Detoxing for Cannabis? The Benefits of Tolerance Cleansing

Cannabis tolerance detox

[Editor’s Note: Tolerance breaks can be helpful. Cleanses are a different story and for a different purpose. Maybe we shouldn’t confuse the two.]

Detoxify your way to a higher tolerance.

Cleansing is a trend that’s been on the rise for a while, but people rarely talk about using cleanses to lower your cannabis tolerance—or any substance for that matter. Although most aren’t juice cleansing to get drunk off of less wine, many people can benefit from detoxing their systems of metabolites and afterglow effects in order to bring your tolerance down. Detoxing doesn’t have to mean the end of your fun. It can simply supplement your lifestyle to allow you to be the best version of yourself. The average person has more than 700 known toxins in their body, which means the occasional cleanse can’t hurt, even if you’re a light smoker. Just like cleaning your bowl regularly helps avoid resin buildup, cleansing your body regularly helps keep it running at its best.

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The Benefits of a Cleanse

Detoxes and cleanses have a variety of benefits that extend beyond your ability to get sky high off of that bowl in your hand, including:

  • Health: Generally speaking, inhaling ash of any kind isn’t great for your body, which is why many doctors recommend vaporizing cannabis or eating edibles. That being said, many of us still enjoy a good toke from a joint or blunt. Choosing to cleanse our bodies can help clean up the mess that our choices leave behind.
  • Mental: As with any psychoactive substance, there’s a level of mental activity that’s affected in both positive and negative ways by regular cannabis stimulation and even brief cleanses can allow you to find a sense of clarity that will enhance your future highs.
  • Tolerance: When you consume something regularly, your body becomes accustomed to ingesting and digesting the resulting compounds—such as metabolites—that result from activities like smoking weed. As these build up, frequent users often report having to consume more cannabis in the same setting and often consume more often. By cleansing your body of this toxin residue buildup, you’re allowing your body to better absorb the cannabinoids you’re ingesting.
Detoxing for Cannabis? The Benefits of Tolerance Cleansing


Types of Toxins

As mentioned, we have over 700 toxins in our bodies at any given time. Some of these are metabolites from cannabinoids, others are simply environmental toxins that we encounter on a regular basis, such as:

  • Fats: We all know fats. Fats are found in everything that we consume and they are stored in our bodies. They’re also what cannabinoids and their metabolites bind to. Generally speaking, a high concentration of fats in your body isn’t great for you, especially if you’re working to lower your tolerance.
  • Heavy Metals: Heat metals are those defined by their density (rather than weight). Metals, like mercury and lead, are among the most common toxins we encounter and hear about, but there’s also arsenic, chromium, cadmium, and thallium. Some of the biggest sources of heavy metals include: public drinking water, beauty and cosmetic products, pesticides and herbicides (both through air contact and ingested in foods grown with these substances) and many flavorings used in e-cigarettes.
  • Pollutants: The most common air pollutants are particulate matter, ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2). Whether you’re taking a deep breath at the top of a mountain or in the middle of New York City, there will be some level of these elements in the air. Secondhand smoke is a common source of pollutants, and, even though blunts are great, rolling up your green in a tobacco wrap is going to add tobacco byproducts into the mix as additional pollutants.
  • Toxins/Metabolites: Most of us know that cannabis leaves trace-residues behind in the body even days and weeks after use. These trace elements are known as metabolites, and they’re the byproducts of our body metabolizing the substances that we ingest. Everything your body absorbs and breathes must be metabolized (processed) and then expelled. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We consume ∆9-THC and expel THC-COOH metabolites. Cleanses help your body get rid of these metabolites faster so that they aren’t sitting around taking up space or slowing the body’s systems down.

Types of Cleanses

Cleanses were designed to rid the body of certain harmful aspects. But not all cleanses are the same, nor are they all used for the same purpose.

  • Trend Cleanses: Juice cleanses, dietary cleanses (KETO), fad diets, etc.
  • Health Cleanses: Colon and Probiotic Cleanses that help with digestion, absorption and other efforts.
  • Detoxes: Full Body Cleanses designed to flush your body of toxins and enhance your body’s existing cleansing systems.
  • Abstinence/Tolerance Breaks: yes, abstaining from more is also an act of cleansing, as your body naturally cleanses itself
Detoxing for Cannabis? The Benefits of Tolerance Cleansing


Our Tolerance Cleansing Suggestion

We suggest a combination of the above for best results. Every quarter, take one week and commit to a tolerance break for five days. While abstaining from your toxic activities, use Ever Clean to help the body rid itself of metabolites and toxins.  During your cleanse, drinking cold-pressed juices and eating lighter meals will increase the efficacy of your efforts. If you can’t commit to a five-day cleanse, try something significantly stronger and shorter, such as Mighty Clean, to flush you out in a single day. Additionally, feel free to work in probiotic cleanses as your regimen allows for the best results.


Cleanses are intensive and your body may take some adjusting to the process. It’s used to flush cannabinoids and toxins out of your body at its regular pace, while basically kicking on the nitrous on and going pedal-to-the-metal. Additionally, cleanses like Detoxify’s Mega Clean and Mighty Clean are designed to be used as part of an ongoing cleansing regimen.

Keep in mind, however, that cleanses are not for everyone. Some people never need them, while others greatly benefit from regular cleanses. Your body regularly cleanses itself but using an herbal cleanse detox–like Detoxify– can intensify and enhance those efforts, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your favorite recreational activities with less effort and better vibes. If you’re unsure of how a detox may affect you, especially if you’re consuming cannabis medicinally, be sure to speak with your recommending provider for specific questions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). Detoxify products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Detoxify LLC, its owners or affiliates.

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