Don’t Drink During your Holiday Dinners! Consume Cannabis!!!

Drinking isn’t the best thing for you. Drinking has more bad effects on your body than cannabis. Now that it’s the holiday season and we’re having dinners; socially distant dinners, taking a spreader chance dinners, bubble dinners, solo dinners…whatever. Instead of drinking as much as you can, substitute cannabis.

Here’s an article from Benzinga that pairs cannabis with the different courses you may have during your holiday meals. They’re a lot like wine and food pairings…which I still adore…but different.

Alcohol consumption is up during the pandemic. You can read stories about it all over the media. And no wonder. This is a truly difficult time for many of us and alcohol is an outlet. So is cannabis. So enjoy your holiday dinners and get-togethers, even if virtual over Zoom and substitute some of that alcohol for cannabis. You won’t regret it!

Virtual Cannabis Dinner Pairings Offer An Alternative To Heavy Alcohol Consumption During The Pandemic

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