Fashion Statements: Viktor and Rolf Combine Cannabis and Couture

Viktor and Rolf, Cannabis

[Editor’s Note: High fashion has taken on new meanings in the era of the cannabis legalization movement.]

The avant-garde design duo Viktor & Rolf sent stiff, A-line gowns of colorful, layered tulle down the catwalk during their recent Couture show in Paris, aptly title Fashion Statements.

18 uber-feminine gowns were covered in a slew of millennial-ironic slogans like I’m Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You, No Photos Please, and F* This I’m Going to Paris.

The dresses went viral on social media, shared widely across every fashion magazine and meme-maker’s Instagram account.

Viktor and Rolf Amsterdam

One creation, in particular, caught our eye. Model Laura Toth marched down the runway in a neon-green creation with a giant cannabis leaf and the word Amsterdam joined the parade of Fashion Statements, perhaps a nod to the current global change of attitudes toward cannabis.

Yet the designers said they weren’t imposing meaning onto the pieces, leaving them open for interpretation.

“To what extent can you say something with clothing, literally,” the designers said backstage.

The final look from the show was an enormous black gown with the words I Want A Better World, which seems to summarize the tone of the Fashion Statements collection — and of the current social climate.

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