How to Blind Test Cannabis for an Elevated Experience

[Canniseur: The concept of blind tastings of cannabis is fraught with lots of points of entry for inconsistencies, and especially now as I post this. These days, you cannot share a pipe, bong or joint unless it’s someone who is sharing your abode with you! We live in dangerous times.]

Cannabis can be tasted and appreciated like fine wine and the idea is gaining momentum nationwide. Over in the global ganja epicenter of California, encouraging people to blind test cannabis is nearly standardized.

Local chef, entrepreneur and industry veteran Chip Moore, 36, is the founder of the 4 and 20 Blackbirds collective and has been treating its members to the blind tasting concept — wherein participants don’t learn strain names before sampling, followed by discussion about the key characteristics of tastes, smells and effects.

In the hippy hamlet of Fairfax north of San Francisco, the newly formed Herba Buena collective, whose co-founder Alicia Rose comes from the wine industry, incorporated blind wine-style tastings as well.

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