How to Choose a Dab Rig

[Canniseur: Some people tell me dabbing is the best thing since sliced bread. Others are not so sure. One thing…it’s pretty complex. A whole lot more complex than rolling and lighting a doobie or loading a pipe. Is it better? I’m thinking I might have try it to find out.]

Dabs are a popular trend used for cannabis consumption. Those who love smoking weed can experiment in dabs and choose an essential rig. Although dab rigs are more complicated and different from standard pipes, their benefits outweigh other factors. The effects of dabbing are immediate. Looking for a rig can be overwhelming for beginners due to the many options available. The following shows how you can choose a dab rig that’s right for you.

Fundamentals of Dab Rigs

A typical dab rig has three separate parts which include a glass piece, a heating element or a nail, and a torch that lights the nail. If you want to experiment with different concentrates, ensure you understand the features of every dab rig part to choose the right one. Understanding everything concerning dab rigs will, in turn, give you a more enjoyable experience.

The Glass Piece

The eye always loves bigger things, and the same applies to larger dab rigs. However, going for bigger dab rigs isn’t a solution. Smaller rigs offer improved flavor, and the vapor remains potent.  If your rig is too large, the vapor might lose potency. Using a smaller glass piece ensures your dabs are tasty and potent. Also, look for a glass piece you can use with water.

The Nail

There has to be a nail for you to do dabs. The best dab rigs have nails sitting on a glass piece that holds the concentrates. When you heat the nail with a torch, your dab will start vaporizing. You can choose any material which will not affect flavor, apart from getting your nail hot for long. These materials could be ceramic, glass, titanium or quartz.

The Torch

Among the most annoying things when it comes to dabs is the torch part. You have to heat concentrates to reach the vapor point. The whole heating process is an essential part when it comes to dabbing, and butane torches do it well. When you are starting your dabbing journey, ensure you select a smaller torch with a gentle flame.

Dab Rig Types

The first step to identify a dab rig is to know their different types and the one that fits you. You’ll find tons of dab rig options on the market. However, the dab rig that works for you might not do the same for another person. Some of the dab rigs available for weed smokers are the everyday dab rigs, vapor straws, and e-rigs.

The bottom line

Those who have an interest in discovering the nitty-gritty of dabbing must choose the best dab rigs to start the journey. Same as other products, dab rigs range from simple to ultra-extravagant. Everyone has their personal preferences and reasons when it comes to dab rigs and cannabis consumption.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.

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