I Tried a $100,000 Vaporizer: Here’s What I Learned

[Editor’s Note: This sounds like a fabulous last minute gift for your sweetheart. It’s even environmentally correct!]

Let’s be honest – if anyone wants to buy me this solid gold, diamond encrusted vape – I would rock it so hard. 

It’s literally beautiful, and there are only two of them currently in existence . The vaping community has been growing in recent years, and personally, I’m glad the vape craze has resulted in companies like Double Barrel crafting all the outlandish vapes we never knew we needed. The Double Barrel Diamond is basically the Gucci Mane of vapes.. 

Some people might think it’s outrageous to spend $100k on vape, but that’s pocket change for any Los Angeles A-Lister. LA Jeweler Gerard Alexander (of Saint Jewels) is the mastermind who crafted The Diamond Double Barrel. This statement piece is made from 180 grams of solid white gold, camouflaged with over 3,000 21-carat diamonds. The vape features two connected rings, so you can wear it like it’s the most expensive pair of brass knuckles. This is a vape fit for Rihanna to bring to the Met Gala, and it’s definitely the most expensive thing I’ve ever put my mouth on.

The Diamond Double Barrel is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. Double Barrel’s patented design utilizes Flex Circuit Technology to heat the cannabis concentrate inside the vape – which means there’s no battery, effectively decreasing  the impact each device has on the environment, because you don’t just throw away the battery after 2 or 3 cartridges. (Though, admittedly, that doesn’t account for the environmental impact of diamonds and gold…) 

The company name, ‘Double Barrel,’ refers to, the two barrels inside of the beautiful diamond exterior, each one holding a single cartridge, so every time you hit it, you’re actually hitting two vapes at once. Imagine all the different combinations of concentrates you could smoke together; your own personal hybrid strain, with terps that compliments the taste of gold and diamonds.

I can’t say I recommend going deeply into debt to purchase the Diamond Double Barrel, though I know the urge is tough to resist. Once it starts appearing in editorials in Vogue and on the Hypebeast Instagram feed, everyone and their mom is going to want one. Luckily, I got the chance to experience the 100k vape without emptying my bank account, and I can say with confidence that if I were an eccentric billionaire, it is something I would definitely buy.

The Diamond Double Barrel is custom made to order, so you can contact the company if you’re filthy rich enough. And if you’re not, they also sell a version that isn’t encrusted in diamonds.

And keep an eye out for Double Barrel x Sherbinski’s, exclusively at MedMen 

Original Article on Merry Jane

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