It’s the Silly Season – Crazy Cannabis Gift Giving

UPDATE: Maybe the craziest gift of all! A gold plated Volcano. Really. Now I know that there are glass bongs out there that sell for thousands upon thousands of dollars, but the only difference between this Volcano and the regular volcano is this one is gold plated. Go figure. But I’ll bet they sell out! If you really need the gold plated variety of a volcano, here’s the link! Storz & Bickel Gold plated Volcano. Or better yet, get the regular volcano and use the left over dollars to get some cannabis to put in the Volcano!

The 2020 holidays are upon us with COVID-19 and a loony president who keeps trying to win an election in the courts. Never mind all that, the 2020 holidays will be also giving us Top 10 lists for about anything you can imagine. Cannabis gifts are part of the mix.

Adding to last week’s story about the “First Top 10 Cannabis Gifts” here’s’s addition to the menu of silly. The first one is about Zig Zag gift bundles. If you’re rolling 3 or 4 doobies a day, that’s one thing. If you’re like me and use a pipe with the occasional joint rolling for traveling or whatever, it might be nice, but there are an awful lot about them.

I’ll be adding to this each time I come across another gift Top 10 or whatever the holidays are bringing us. Enjoy it while you can, there are only 27 until Christmas and the silly season ends…at least this one.

Maybe I should make a Top 10 Cannabis Gift Guides story. They’re coming fast and furious now.

Big Zig-Zag bundles make holiday shopping ridiculously easy
(the lack of capital letters is leafly’s, not

The Leafly 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

And from last week:

The First Top 10 Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020

This one was from Cannabis and Tech Today

As for me, there’s only one thing that I’d appreciate as a gift for the cannabis lover. Cannabis!



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