Legalizing Marijuana Makes People Have More Sex, Study Reveals

[Canniseur: Well, this is good news, but not unexpected. Let’s see…cannabis, sex, some music and voila! sex, drugs & rock and roll or if you’re an ancient Greek; Wine, women & song. The downside is there appears to be a short-term increase in STDs like gonorrhea.]

According to a new study, people living in states with access to medical marijuana have more sex.

The study’s researchers analyzed data between 2005 and 2014 and found that medical marijuana laws are associated with an increase in sexual activity, Yahoo reported.

Marijuana “treats chronic pain, improves life satisfaction, and decreases opioid abuse, it could result in heightened libidos/improved sex life,” said David Simon, PhD, co-author of the study. Furthermore, “with the liberalization of marijuana laws there has been an increase in cannabis-based products designed to improve sexual wellness, including products that help remove anxiety or pain associated with sex.”

Simon also mentioned that high and low doses of cannabis can increase a women’s desire to be sexually active, while only low doses of cannabis use increase reported sexual arousal in men.

A spillover effect from marijuana use is increased sex and fertility, which can have positive and negative outcomes, Simon said. For instance, the birth rate may increase, but so could the STD rate.


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