Marijuana Is a Great Sex Enhancement, But Microdosing Is Key

Sex and Weed

[Editor’s Note: Cannabis & sex. Do they work together to get lovers to new ‘highs’? Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn has research results you need to read and share with your loved ones.]

New study analyzes whether cannabis can help women overcome sexual issues.

If you asked couples on the cannabis scene whether getting high enhances their sexual experiences, the results would inevitably turn out mostly in favor of incorporating weed in the boudoir. Some men believe the herb gives them rockstar stamina and for women, cannabis consumption before sex is often the key to relaxing. Cannabis has also been shown to help women who have difficulty achieving orgasm find one while intensifying them for others. But there have also been reports of marijuana hindering sexual performance.

There is indeed a mixed back of evidence out there on the subject mostly because science really hasn’t made any new developments on the topic for the past few decades.

But more research is being done, and it all points to promise for pot and sex.

Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn, a gynecologist and professor at the Saint Louis University medical school, recently conducted a small study in hopes of getting to the bottom of whether marijuana could help more women enjoy sex. She wanted the ability to provide her patients with definitive evidence when asked if smoking marijuana might assist them in overcoming their sexual issues – something she says happens a lot.

The results of the study, which were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that most women who smoked marijuana prior to sex had a more pleasurable experience than those who did not. Only one of the respondents reported a less pleasurable experience on weed.

“The majority of women [who said that they mixed sex and cannabis] said that the sexual experience was improved, orgasms were improved, the libido was improved, pain was improved, and lubrication really didn’t change,” Dr. Lynn said in an interview with Global News. “There are a variety of ideas as to why. One is that it lowers your anxiety and stress, it gives you a little bit more confidence in your sexual ability. Or it may slow down your perception of time and heighten sensation.”

But there is a trick to using marijuana to achieve this apex of slobbering lust, and it is “less is more.” Although it may be a couple’s first impulse to get completely ripped out of their gourds on the ganja before jumping into the sack, this is more likely to ruin the moment. Medical professionals say that massive doses of marijuana have a way of getting individuals locked up inside their own heads – they start to focus on all the wrong things — which makes it less possible for them to let go of their inhibitions.

What’s more is high doses of weed can make it more difficult for men to perform, contributing to temporary bouts of erectile dysfunction. This is why cannabis edibles may not be the best choice for a couple looking to explore the effects of weed in the bedroom.  The “unpredictable” nature of these products (especially without proper instruction) can make them more of a hindrance to sexual enhancement than simply taking a hit or two of raw cannabis or a vaporizer.

Yet, edible cannabis products can make it easier for a couple to microdose, which is optimal for sexual benefit. People in the know recommend that a first-time couple should start with 2.5 milligrams or less. After some time, they’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Some experts say trying various strains is also essential. “I recommend experimenting with a small amount of indica strains, sativa strains and a hybrid of both to see what works best,” said Nick Karras, sexologist and author of “The Passionate High: A Guide to Using Cannabis For Better Sex and Creativity.”

Even with the scant evidence on marijuana and sex, it makes sense that the herb has the power to increase sexual pleasure. Sex therapist Lawrence Siegel told CNN last year that “tetrahydrocannabinol — the cannabinoid THC — appears to target a part of our brain associated with sexual arousal, at least in females,” which is more than half the battle when it comes to taking boot-knocking action to the next level.

But it is also important to understand that there are a wealth of other variables that determine whether a couple has great sex or not. Although sex experts say women have as many dirty thoughts as their male counterparts, they still need certain things from their chosen mates for those naughty notions to become motivation. It doesn’t matter how stoned you get the misses, if you’re an insensitive jerk most of the time, continually putting the weight of the world on her while you go off and play video games, no strain on Earth can help you. Start with a little appreciation and affection that isn’t so obviously a ploy to get laid and the rest stands a better chance of falling in place.

Remember, cannabis can be a sexual enhancement, but it is no substitution for the connection that a healthy relationship provides.

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