Sex and Cannabis – Product Launches and Antuanette Gomez of Pleasure Peaks

Sex and Cannabis – Product Launches and Pleasure Peaks first appeared in Puff Puff Post

[Canniseur: Sex and pot. Pot and sex. They do indeed work together…at least as far as products are concerned. Even though this is a bit of an ad, for Pleasure Peaks, the company seems to go far beyond sex and creates all manner of products for women’s health aside from sex.]

What happens when the natural euphoric effects produced by cannabinoids are combined with a healthy love of sex?

Whether you’re with a partner or having a solo session by yourself, cannabis may be able to enhance your sexual experiences. Cannabis use can provide body relaxation, euphoria, and sensitivity to touch, which is why some researchers (and entrepreneurs) are recommending low doses of cannabis before sexual intercourse. Higher levels of consumption can cause anxiousness and over-thinking instead of achieving the desired result of setting the mood and feeling relaxed with your partner.

“At really high doses of cannabis, people can withdraw enough into their own head that they essentially forget what they are doing, and it’s no longer a mutual experience, and often just ceases to happen,” warns Boston-based doctor Jordan Tishler.

“There are a variety of ideas as to why. One is that it lowers your anxiety and stress, it gives you a little bit more confidence in your sexual ability. Or it may slow down your perception of time and heighten sensation.” – California-based sex educator Ashley Manta 

High on Love
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There are a wide range of cannabis products tailored for the bedroom which don’t require cannabis to be smoked. High on Love is a Canadian sensual cannabis cosmetics line which uses luxurious hemp seed oils to produce organic products. Their cannabis-infused sensual massage oils produce aromas of Strawberries and Champagne, Decadent White Chocolate, and Lychee Martini. High on Love also offers Dark Chocolate Edible Body Paint, Stimulating ‘O’ Gel for women, Sensual Bath Oil and a Stimulating Oil that revolutionizes the way adults orgasm.

Antuanette Gomez, Founder & CEO of Pleasure Peaks has some key recommendations for choosing the right cannabis products for different types of sex. Pleasure Peaks is a medical cannabis company with a focus geared toward women’s sexual health; specializing in sexual health products for women with cervical cancer, endometriosis and menstrual pain.

“What’s the best weed to have amazing sex with?” is a question Antuanette Gomez gets asked a lotBefore having sex and choosing the right products, Atuanette recommends considering the type of sex (solo or with a partner), the method of consumption, or the type of the desired outcome you would like. If it’s your first time trying cannabis along with sex, she recommends doing a “taste-testing” to see what works best for you. For those riding solo, Antuanette recommends strains that are high in Myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene, which gives cannabis its unique fragrance and flavor. Terpenes may also influence the cannabis experience and convey some of its potential therapeutic benefits.

Myrcene is found in hops, lemongrass, basil, juicy mangos and more. Antuanette has found that cannabis strains that are high in Myrcene create a warm body high while boosting one’s creativity, setting the mood to create intimacy within one’s self. If you’re looking for high-myrcene cannabis strains, the most popular strains include OG Kush, Blue Dream, Remedy, Harlequin, Granddaddy purple and more.

For morning sex, Antuanette recommends a balanced CBD/THC 1:1 ratio strain for a complete balance of creating energy as well as uplifting properties. If you would like to take things slow with your partner, she recommends a CBD-rich Indica strain, which is known to give people a ‘couch lock’ and can be channeled into a slow love-making session. The strains can also boost mental stimulation to build intimacy and create a real-life fantasy with your lover. Outside of directly ‘knocking the boots’, especially if your partner does not smoke cannabis, Antuanette recommends a nice intimate spray or a massage oil that is perfect for a sexy, sensual massage. For kinky or creative play with a partner – or a low key rendezvous – a zesty, heavily sativa-dominant strain is recommended, and can be perfect for daytime sex, trying new positions or even spicing things up with toys.

Stay tuned for Pleasure Peaks product release in Canada & the United States in early 2020.
Source: Sex and Cannabis – Product Launches and Pleasure Peaks- Puff Puff Post

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