The Dos and Don’ts of Consuming Cannabis at Your Office Holiday Party

[Editor’s Note: Have fun, but stay safe this holiday season. Remember, a cab/Uber/Lyft is just a click away. And of course, don’t get so high you offend anyone at your company party.]

The holiday season is upon us and so are festive work functions that you’ll feel obligated to attend.

While celebrations often include a few libations, in newly legalized Canada, workers are surely pondering the proper etiquette for consuming cannabis at corporate events.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, if you do choose to enjoy cannabis during the office party:

Do: Consider the Corporate Culture

While in the past, certain work friends might have stepped outside to share some green on the sly, but does that mean it’s cool to light up a joint in front of your boss? The answer depends on the office culture at your place of employment.

For those that work in cannabis or creative industries—getting high with your coworkers might be par for the course. But that stuffy law office party your girlfriend asked you to attend? Maybe don’t bring those pot brownies for everyone to enjoy.

For those unsure of attitudes in the office, reference company policies on cannabis use and treat cannabis the same way you would alcohol. Remember that corporate functions serve as networking opportunities and a chance to leave a positive impression on your superiors. Not to mention that in the age of social media, what happens at the office party doesn’t always stay at the office party.

Do: Stick to What You Know

Tonight is not the night to try a high THC strain for the first time if you’re used to high CBD strains. You never know how your body will react—and a party where the guest list includes the person who signs your cheques is not the place to potentially put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Do: Be Cautious When Mixing Alcohol With Cannabis

While an open bar can be hard to turn down, the effects of cannabis increase when mixed with alcohol. Studies show that once alcohol is in your system, it can boost the effects of cannabis by opening up your blood vessels and allowing more THC to be absorbed. Even the most experienced cannabis consumers can quickly go from being ‘just high enough’ to ‘embarrassingly high’ when mixing cannabis and alcohol.

Do: Be Discreet

If your employer is supplying the spliffs as a part of the festivities, feel free to enjoy openly while knowing your limit. If you’re not sure where your boss lands on the issue, consider a low-dose edible or vape situation rather than smoking (and then carrying around a roach) that will leave that particular lingering smell.

Don’t: Forget Eye Drops

If you’d rather it not be completely obvious that you’re enjoying the benefits of cannabis, make sure to have eye drops specially formulated to reduce eye redness handy. You can also avoid this telltale giveaway by opting for strains with low or no THC, and staying hydrated—increasing your fluid intake may help alleviate the dryness you experience!

Don’t: Feel Guilty Leaving Early

Once you’ve made the most of the obligatory networking, engaged in the necessary amount of small talk with colleagues, and got your fill of free food, it’s totally fine to go home. There you can enjoy the effects of cannabis in the refuge of your home where you can get as high as you want without any risk to your career.

No one is going to think any less of you, and it’s better to leave early and on a high note (pun intended) than to be the guy who’s still there when the cleaning crew comes in.

Don’t: Drive While Impaired

Just don’t do it. If you need more convincing, keep in mind that local police will be ramping up DUI patrols over the holiday season. Better yet, don’t drive at all if you’re planning on using cannabis at the fest. Take advantage of those corporate taxi chits or use public transportation, an Uber, Lyft, or carpool.

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