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[Canniseur: A marvelous review of a terrific writer – Etgar Keret. Read this review, then go out and read the book!]

Dotted with wry humor and touched with tender, often heartbreaking revelations about human relationships, Etgar Keret’s short stories use cannabis as a bridge to expose intimacy. In his newest work of short fiction, “Fly Already,” the award-winning Israeli novelist and filmmaker includes two stories where a joint drives the narrative and the search for authentic human connection. Keret’s concise writing style flows like poetry, like the aromatic steam lifting from a coffee cup or the smoke drifting off a joint during the first hit of the day.

“The first hit is the one that colors your world,” Keret writes in the story Pineapple Crush.

“Save it for the evening — and any piece of trash flickering across your TV screen will be riveting. Puff it at midday, before you get on your bike, and the world around you will feel like one big adventure. Smoke it as soon as you wake up in the morning, before your coffee, and it’ll give you the energy to crawl out of bed or dive back in for another few hours of sleep. The first hit of the day is like a childhood friend, a first love, a commercial for life. But it’s different from life itself, which is something that, if I could have, I would have returned to the store ages ago. In the commercial it’s made-to-order, all-inclusive, finger-licking, carefree living. After that first one, more hits will come along to help you soften reality and make the day more tolerable, but they won’t feel the same.”

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