The High Priestess: How to Have a Hot, Stoned, Spiritual Summer

[Canniseur: At first, I thought this article was a bit too woo-woo for our readers. But after reading it, I get it. It’s a total hoot. The high priestess has it down. Whether you believe in astrology and meditation or not, it’s great fun and good read.]

Although summer doesn’t officially end until the Fall Equinox on September 21st, one could argue that energetically it ends as soon as Leo season ends on August 23rd. This is when we enter earth sign Virgo season, when we enter “back to school season,” also known as Pumpkin Spice season and autumn. In this way, our endless summer is truly at its climax right now, as the sun shines happily in Leo, the lion. As I mentioned in my Stoner’s Guide to Leo Season, this isn’t a time to play small, to be embarrassed about what we have to say or what we believe in. This isn’t a time to dim our light, no matter how loud or sexual or stoned it is.  As Megan Thee Stallion coined, it’s officially “hot girl summer,” which means that we get to live our best, hottest lives. Sky’s out thighs out forever. 

Hot girl summer is not only for everyone of every gender expression, it’s also whatever you want it to be. And in this part of the internet, we believe in being hot, stoned, and spiritual, so that’s what why I’m dubbing 2019 “Hot Stoned Summer” as well. If you care to join your High Priestess on this journey, grab some cannabis and your favorite method to partake in it, a journal, some crystals, and the blood of your enemies (jk about that last part). Let’s get to it. 

Hot Stoned Spirituality

One of the major themes that Leo season has brought up for this Aquarius is that of EGO. Ego being the part of ourselves that our mind can identify with, that labels us, and that keeps us living in fear, identified with form. Ego likes to keep us “safe.” It can try and keep us small by comparing ourselves to other people. And in the height of summer, when it feels like everyone else is doing the most and flaunting whatever it is they’ve got, it can feel especially precarious to be proud of who you are and not compare yourself to people.

Leo season’s message is two-fold; while it can be dangerous to be egotistical and identify our worth as a human with what we’ve accomplished, and whatever measure of “success” we have, we also need (a little bit) of ego!  We are allowed to have desires, to have ambitions, to have something that we strive toward. We are allowed to bask in our accomplishments, making sure we’re looking and feeling good, and we can use cannabis and ritual to help us do just that. 

Stoned meditation

Meditation can feel like a scary hurdle if you’ve never done it before, but I promise; there’s no wrong way to meditate. And in fact, cannabis can offer you some solace with this, especially if you don’t know where to begin. If you’re going to be smoking before you meditate, try taking a hit of a hybrid strain of cannabis, the idea being that you can quiet your mind and stay present in your body without falling asleep. Working with CBD would also be a potent and healing option for some high meditation. 

Too much sativa and your mind may start to race- too much indica and you may get a little too comfortable. Once you choose your method of inhalation, take a second to find a comfortable seat, either sitting up or laying down. You may wish to set a timer, starting with 3, 5, or 7 minutes if you’ve never meditated before. Close your eyes and find a comfortable breath. You may wish to practice the fourfold breath, inhaling- holding- exhaling- holding and beginning again, starting with 4 seconds for each part of the breath and then working up to 5, 6, or 7 seconds.

As you find a steady breath, start inhaling golden white light, filling your body with this healing. As you exhale, allow any worries to drift away, releasing any tension or anxiety you’re carrying in your body. Give yourself permission to exist in the present without any worry. You may wish to repeat a mantra to yourself as you continue inhaling white light and exhaling any worries. Some options “I am abundant.” “I am magick.” “I am divine love.” “I am at peace.” Whenever you’re done with your meditation, you’ll simply open your eyes and come back to your surroundings. 

You can also use an app like Headspace, Calm, or Insight Timer for guided meditations after you partake in your cannabis of choice. Extra points if you meditate outside under the sun to fuel up during Leo season under Leo’s planetary ruler.  

Ivory Woods

Offering of release

If imposter syndrome or ego is making it hard for you to believe in yourself, take some time to let that shit go! Write what you want to release on a piece of paper, and take a hit (or two or three). Let your ego know this is an offering for it, so it can stop feeding on you. Spend some time meditating on what you want to release, why you want to release this and why now’s the right time. Notice any resistance come up; honor this, recognizing how this resistance has helped you in the past. Take the time to journal and process around whatever you’re feeling and when you’re ready, you will burn this list up in a fireproof dish, cauldron, or over a pot of water on the stove. As you do this, tell the universe why you’re ready to release this. Let your ego know this is what it can feast on! Flush the ashes down the toilet, drink some water, smoke some more weed, shower, and know that it’s done.

Stoned adoration

Once you’ve mediated and released, it’s time to remind yourself that you’re hot shit! I love rituals of glamour, and Leo season is the time to indulge in these. A ritual is anything you can come back to that connects you with an intention. Your intention can be to feel powerful, to feel sensual, to ground, to heal, or to manifest big money. It doesn’t matter! This ritual will help you feel like the best version of yourself you can be. 

Set up your space however you wish, playing some music that makes you dance and move your body, lighting incense and candles, turning your phone on silent. Wear something that aligns with your intention- you may wish to put something like lingerie on, or you can always work naked. If you wish to eat an edible or use a tincture, now is the time. I suggest an indica-heavy hybrid for this ritual, so you can be present with how you’re feeling in your body without getting too caught up in your thoughts. Now is the time to smoke, enjoying the inhale, and hit. When you’re ready you’ll start moving or dancing in front of a mirror and complimenting yourself. Say this out loud, admiring the way you move your body. Cannabis can help you release your inhibitions, so take more hits as necessary. If you don’t feel comfortable practicing this ritual, try only dancing or only complimenting yourself. Baby steps! Repeat as necessary.

TL;DR: Another way to do this ritual is to smoke naked in front of the mirror and admire your damn self. 

Hot Stoned Style

Spirituality helps us find confidence from the inside-out, and style can help us find confidence from the outside-in. Summer is a time for living vibrantly and for owning our personal sense of style, and while stoners get a bad rep for not having the best #aesthetic, we can redefine hot stoner style this summer with a few easy tips.

Wear red, gold, orange, or yellow

It’s just a thing that everything is energy; everything we perceive as matter is just particles vibrating so fast we see them as solids. Everything has its own frequency including our thoughts and including colors! And colors are magick in their own right, and an extremely easy way for us to get into a specific energetic state. 

If you want to channel the bold, luscious, loud and dramatic power of Leo this summer, may I suggest wearing red, gold, orange or yellow? There are infinite ways to do this, but if you really want to experience some color magick, I suggest wearing a monochrome outfit. 

Red- The densest color. Grounding, passion, power, influence, authority, to be seen, heard, and listened to

Orange– Sexuality, eroticism, strength, purpose, vigor

Yellow/ Gold– Confidence, inner strength, center, abundance, warmth, wealth, happiness, joy

Some other ways to incorporate colors into your wardrobe: Nail polish, eyeshadow, lipstick, a hat or scarf, a bag or backpack, jewelry, a patch or pin on a jacket, or a single piece of clothing like a jacket or shirt. Before you head out with your new color coordinated fit, work with cannabis for a confidence boost so you can remember that the only thing you need to “pull something off” is your own permission. 

Smoke with gold joint papers

If you want to feel like a million bucks and look like it, and if you have $45 to splurge, why not try wrapping your next joint with gold paper? Brands like Shine make literal 24k  blunt wraps and gold rolling papers for the bougie stoner bitch in us all. 

Hot stoned selfies

Leo season is about the sizzle of putting your best foot forward, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves of just how hot we are before we walk out the door to #hotgirlsummer. A simple ritual you can perform when you want to feel your best? Taking some selfies. Get ready, do your hair, put on your favorite look, get stoned, grab your vape or joint, and then snap some photos. It doesn’t matter if you post them or not, these are receipts for YOU to remember your power.  

Ivory Woods

Hot Stoned Sex

Is there anything better than weed and sex? The options are really endless when it comes to the divine tango of these two vices. Not only can cannabis act as an aphrodisiac, it can also be turned into a wonderful lube and can be used as a gateway for us to reconnect to our bodies and pleasure. Summer is a time when we can relish in the senses and surrender to sensuality, and this wouldn’t be hot stoned summer without some sex. 

Try experimenting with forced intox

If you’re looking to try something new this summer, may I suggest forcing your partner to get stoned, consensually of course? Forced intox, short for forced intoxication, is a consensual act where someone forces their partner to inhale smoke, in our case from cannabis. This can be done by making the submissive partner, the one who’s being “forced” to smoke, take hits or consume an edible. This can also be done mouth to mouth, by blowing smoke directly into the face of the sub, or through an apparatus like a gas mask. Whether or not you you’re kinky or already have an established power dynamic in your relationship, if this is something you’re interested in, talk to your partner! Negotiate how much cannabis would be consumed and how, safe words why you want to try this, and what you hope to get out of the experience. Fellow sex and weed witch Sophie Saint Thomas wrote an excellent article with more on how to play with forced intox safely, and don’t forget to do your own research as well.

Masturbate and meditate

You know that feeling you get after masturbating where every cell in your body is just vibrating and as you feel like you drift into a cloud? That’s a pretty meditative space to be in! Next time you have a solo-sex session, make it a stoned, spiritual one. Set an intention as you work with the plant medicine before you begin to masturbate, taking time to enjoy consumption method you’re choosing to work with. Enjoy your masturbation session and when you’re done take a moment to close your eyes and drift into a stoned meditate state. This is a great time to do any sort of gratitude or mantra practice, and you may wish to take a moment in this cloud of pleasure to say thank you to the universe for the things you have and the things you wish to receive. Breathe into this feeling of deep thankfulness and bask in this afterglow as long as you need. 

Stoned sex

The good ole classic stoned sex. Share some flower with your lover, and get at it. If you want to up the spiritual ante and really make this hot stoned spiritual sex a moment, you may wish to perform some sex magick! Let the high guide your lovemaking, dedicating the energy you raise to an intention you set with your lover- if you wish. Take the time to have fun and enjoy the process, sharing some post-coital cannabis as you like. When you’re done, do something with your partner to bask in this energy! Eat breakfast, tan naked outside, take a shower, eat some honey, go out for something sweet- the idea is to celebrate LEO, the lover of love, glamour, and joy. 

Ivory Woods

Hot Stoned Stuff to Do

So now you’re stoned, satisfied, centered and ready to take this magick into the world. While anything can be an adventure if you’re stoned enough, these are a few carefully curated activates that are best completed on a hot, high summer day.

High Tea

It’s pretty much already in the name, but having high tea (or tea with plenty of fancy finger foods and hors d’oeuvre typically served in the early afternoon) is peak ganja God/dess. Just think; being blazed and surrounded by tiny little deserts and fancy dishes. Big Alice in Wonderland vibes! Check out Yelp and Google to see if there are any local tea rooms in your area. You may wish to eat an edible before you head to time for a longer lasting effect, but if you don’t want to ruin your appetite you may prefer to smoke or vape. Or, go full Alice in Wonderland and work with some mushrooms for another way to experience some high tea.

Picnic at the park

Another easy as hell way to celebrate Leo season? Spending time under the sun. And of course, weed is invited. Grab your friends, a picnic basket filled with water, edibles, and your favorite treats and head outside. You may wish to bring some tarot cards or crystals to help you tap into your intuition as you get high and connect to your higher self. Set an intention for what you want out of your experience, whether it’s to enjoy the sun or to connect more with yourself or whoever you’re with. After you’ve enjoyed time outside, don’t forget to thank Mother Earth for her blessing and for the sweet plant medicine she’s shared with you.

No matter how you celebrate your hot, stoned, spiritual summer, may it be the the highest vibe and sexiest yet. May you shine boldly and brightly this Leo season. And so it is!

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