This Portland Sex Club Offers a Pot-Friendly Patio Where You Can Smoke Naked

[Canniseur: Portlandia! But why not? Why not consume, and get a little buzz along the way along, with your healthy helping of sex? Wear as much or as little clothing as you’d like.]

Portland’s Hawks PDX is not like any other cannabis consumption club across America’s legal weed landscape. That’s because Hawks isn’t an edible-friendly coffee joint like they have in Denver, or the dispensary-adjacent dab rooms that are popular in San Francisco. Instead, Hawks is a members-only sex club that also welcomes cannabis consumption, allowing visitors to toke up in the nude on a clothing-optional smoking patio.

According to a dressed down piece of investigative reporting from the Willamette Weekly’s Meghan O’Dea, Hawks’ interior features all the trappings of a sex club, with glory holes present in the walls, porn playing on loop, and plenty of wet wipes.

Outside on the smoking patio, though, a more serene scene includes dab rigs, rolling papers, and joint smokers passing pot and mingling — some with towels, others without. Hawks caters to a clientele mostly made up of gay men, but also features a weekly “bisexual night.”

Across the states with adult-use legalization, finding a place to light up outside of private residences runs the gamut from difficult to impossible. Some select cities permit highly regulated consumption lounges, while most cities — and entire legal states — ban public consumption altogether. Since Hawks requires a membership for access, the Southeast Portland sex club can set its own rules about on-site consumption without explicit licensing from the state.

Turns out, bud in the bedroom is a pretty hard proposition to ignore, even if your preferred sex/smoking setting is in the middle of a crowded club.

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