Weed Replacing Wine

weed vs wine

Ed. Note: One of Canniseur’s founders worked in the wine business for many years and is a master sommelier. We see evidence that this article is right on.

When living in Northern California, I spent many weekends doing the most Northern California thing possible, (aside from practicing nude goat yoga and crafting small-batch organic, free range chia kombucha), which was visiting wineries. Some of my favorite memories involve downing bottles of delicious, jammy Napa reds. Some of my least favorite memories were the epic hangovers that followed—a factor that led me to switch from the grape to the ganja.

Wine is still preferred over weed by many, but that may be changing. That might not be great news for the makers of vino, but it’s a positive step for consumers, particularly women. Women make up nearly 60 percent of wine consumers, leading producers to market to them with greater intensity and success, and earning wine the somewhat creepy moniker “Mommy Juice” in some circles. (Do that? Stop.)

Read the Full Story: Weed Replacing Wine | Smoke Signals | Bend | The Source Weekly – Bend, Oregon

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