Why Marijuana and Yoga Is a Match Made in Nirvana

[Canniseur: I’ve always thought yoga was a really good exercise to combine with cannabis. There’s just something about the two that seem to go hand-in-hand. This isn’t a great leap to see how yoga and cannabis might be great partners. I love the picture with this article, but they’re a bit too close for social distancing.]

In a 2001 Time Magazine article, The Power of Yoga, Dr. Timothy McCall, author of Examining Your Doctor: A Patient’s Guide to Avoiding Harmful Medical Care said:

“One lesson of the alternative health-care movement,” McCall warns, “is that the public is not going to wait for doctors to get it together.”

This could not be truer both of marijuana and yoga.

While we have amassed thousands of years of anecdotal evidence of yoga’s benefits, we are only beginning to delve into a scientific basis to justify its legitimacy in Western society. In the same way, we are only beginning to discover the psychological and physiological benefits of marijuana. We waded patiently through tidal waves of trendy prescription drugs, brand name surgeries and expensive specialty doctors. Through it all, people have only become less happy and sicker. Ambivalence in western medicine is becoming clearer and increasingly more people are looking to other sources for answers.

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