From Landrace To Hype: Breeder James Loud On The Future Of Cannabis Genetics

I’ve been working on a story about how we’re over-breeding cannabis and we’re about to lose the best things about the plant. It’s kind of sad that there are so many cultivars of cannabis and we seem to be losing our genetic way with the plant. We might be extinguishing the plants genetics through over cross breeding.

It seems to me that when I read a label in a legal state that there is “x” amount of THC, but no CBD, THCA, etc. in the plant that we’ve bred for pure THC power and not the subtlety of what the plant can do. Cannabis commerce might lead to the death of cannabis as we know it through overzealous breeding.

Here’s an article about just that (and I’m going to incorporate this into my story) about a breeder/consultant who can see what’s happening.

This story is on Green Flower “From Landrace to Hype”

There’s also this story about landrace strains (cultivars) in Green Flower: The Place In Cannabis: What Is A Landrace Strain?

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