New Mexico Cannabis Legalization Must Permit Home Growing

Cannabis Legalization in New Mexico

Home growing is a contested issue for legalization in New Mexico. It shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Meanwhile, many New Mexicans in the northeastern part of the state are going to Colorado for their cannabis purchases. Soon in the western part of the state, Arizona will be their destination to get their cannabis products.

Who Doesn’t Want Cannabis Legalization In New Mexico?

The democrats, who control the legislature apparently don’t even want to discuss legalization in New Mexico. Why? Most, if not all the other legal states allow individuals to grow 6 or so plants for their own consumption. Most people won’t bother to grow their own mostly because it’s cheaper to buy cannabis in open and legal markets.

So what’s the big deal? Money. Plain and simple; Money. Legislators apparently feel the state will lose money if they allow home grow. It’s short-sighted, but they are politicians. They didn’t get elected for their brains in all probability.

Here’s an opinion piece by a New Mexican who believes in growing his own, which we also believe he should be able to do. Politicians are frequently short-sighted. They look only to the next election and really don’t think about how their efforts affect people.

– Read the editorial at Santa Fe New Mexican.

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