Cannabis Opposition is Still Out There

Cannabis opposition is still hard at work.


Yet another story about how the minority refuses to accept the will of the majority. Minority rule is not what the U.S. is about. This is supposed to be a rule of the majority. However, the abolitionists just won’t give up. Can we call them sore losers? Autocrats? People who love a dictatorship? Who knows, but it’s clear they want their side to win, no matter what.

Marijuana Legalization Opponents Ask Courts To Overturn Voters’ Will In Several States

The election is over. Five (5!) more states legalized cannabis for medical and/or adult use; Montana, Arizona and New Jersey all voted for adult use cannabis. Mississippi voted in medical cannabis and South Dakota voted both medical and adult use on election day. South Dakota is a first. Legalization won in every statewide ballot. But there is still plenty of opposition to the legalization of cannabis. Cannabis opposition is working very hard to stop legalization efforts in some states and is filing suits to invalidate many of the initiatives that passed. Montana legalized adult-use (recreational) cannabis and there is a group that’s suing the state to repeal what the voters decided was the right thing to do.

South Dakota legalized both medical and adult-use cannabis and that was a first to legalize both at the same time. But the fight is still not over.

Cannabis and Alcohol Naysayers

There are still plenty of naysayers about cannabis. They spout a whole lot of rhetoric about the evils of the wicked weed. There are also many people who would like to see alcohol prohibition again. That number is astonishing at 20% or so. Yes, 20% of the population in the U.S. still believe alcohol should be illegal and consumption criminalized. It’s like they haven’t read history. It’s like they cannot think critically. Oh wait. They can’t. But this isn’t about alcohol. This is about legal cannabis and the people who are against legalization. They haven’t been reading either.

The anti-cannabis misinformation is always the same. Even when the research says legal cannabis does not increase accidents. Even when research shows us that teen use goes down, the misinformation that cannabis opposition trot out is the same old same old trope about legal cannabis increasing youth consumption. Why? Why do these anti-cannabis people have to trot out lies, innuendos and complete falsehoods that have been long discredited and believe they’re right. It’s a good question, but a difficult answer.

There are many things we should understand about this seeming contradiction, however I believe it boils down to control. They want to control you. They want to control me. And when they have control, they can rule and make others tow their line.

Marijuana Opposition Before the Montana Election

A car dealer in this story started the opposition group. They haven’t given up even though they lost the election. Sound familiar? It seems like they need Rudy Giuliani to file even more frivolous suits. — Familiar face leads new charge against recreational pot measure

Cannabis Opposition After the Election

The same people in the article above are now filing a frivolous lawsuit to void what the, secretary of state approved and the voters passed…by a large majority. — Lawsuit filed to void Montana’s marijuana initiative

South Dakota Joins the Act

And here’s a funnier story: The governor (she doesn’t deserve a capital “G”) of South Dakota now states her belief that marijuana shouldn’t be made legal. Apparently she doesn’t believe in the people who voted for legalization. This was before the election where they population overwhelmingly voted to make cannabis legal. She apparently doesn’t believe in the will of the people and is fighting the law. And she ‘claims’ to be in favor of people deciding for themselves…at least when it comes to COVID. But not cannabis??? Give me a break. Perhaps the good people of South Dakota will give her the boot she deserves the next time she runs for election. And I have to wonder who paid for the ad. — South Dakota Governor Urges ‘No’ Vote On Marijuana Legalization Initiative In New Ad

Why Don’t These People Believe in the Will of the People?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. They are nay-sayers…just like horses and about as smart. Why, when it comes to what the people want, do they continue to oppose legislation and the bald faced facts. Some people just want to control. They would never say that, but it’s true. They want to control you. They want to control me. They just want the power of control. And making things legal that we’ve been gaslit about for a century, gives them control. They want your mind. They want your body as well. They will tell you they love you, but they don’t.



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