Is Nebraska Headed for a No-Rules Medical Marijuana Market?

[Canniseur: The craziness of politicians never fails to amaze me. These politicians appear to believe they’re doing a public service by allowing highly restricted access to medical marijuana is a good thing. What they fail to realize or don’t care about is part of their goal in legalizing is to eliminate the black market. The restrictive laws help the black market to continue to thrive. Voters will now have to go to the polls and vote in laws they want, not the laws the legislators think will get them elected again.]

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Year after year, Nebraska’s conservative lawmakers have rejected measures calling for limited and highly regulated medical marijuana.

They’re poised to do it again, but their decision this year could have the unintended consequence of ushering in one of the most unrestricted medical marijuana laws in the country.

If so, Nebraska will join a growing number of conservative states with unusually easy marijuana access, all because red-state lawmakers refuse to touch the issue and thereby make way for ballot initiatives. Read more

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