Lancaster County Sheriff Challenges Nebraska Medical Cannabis Initiative in Court

This sort of infuriating story is still sadly, all over the news. These are people who consumed the Kool-Aid that was first mixed in the mid-30s about how cannabis is bad. This is nonsense and it needs to finally stop.

Every doom and gloom naysayer since the first legalization of medical cannabis at all in the 1990s has been proven wrong. Not just wrong, but so far off base that it defies logic. There is only one reason to keep cannabis illegal and that’s racism. Pure and simple. In cannabis legal states people are not running naked and wild in the streets. Kids are not getting and consuming all the reefer they can find. In fact, teenage consumption has gone down in states with legal cannabis, crime has gone down, and neighborhoods where cannabis shops are located have had increasing property values.

I don’t know this sheriff, but if he’s trying to keep the initiative off the ballot, he’s going against the will of the people. And this is an elected official. Yes, even elected officials have their own agenda (really?) but this agenda is getting to be a tired trope.

Read the story here on Nebraska TV

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