Marijuana Has Conquered America, But The War on Pot Is Far From Over

[Canniseur: Lessons are being learned from U.S. States with legal cannabis. Less tax and more dispensaries will help drive out illegal sales. There still exists a vast discrepancy on how illegal cannabis is, or is not, prosecuted in the U.S.]

The steady drumbeat of news about legalization, decriminalization, and mass expungements of old convictions suggests the golden age of cannabis is upon us. Not so fast, it turns out. Marijuana may have conquered American’s hearts and minds, but the official War on Pot continues to sputter along, defying logic, ruining lives, and begging explanation.

A joint smoked on the streets of San Francisco or New York will only get you high. But in many small towns and cities across the country, just the odor of marijuana could lead to a conviction, if for nothing more than possession of paraphernalia. This disunited state of marijuana enforcement across the country is stark and disturbing.

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