Michigan Legal Cannabis Opponents Have More Money

[one_third]Ed. Note: Michigan: Vote for Proposal 1. North Dakota: Vote Yes for Measure 3. This is the last week before elections. The opposition is taking a strong stand by putting a lot of money into the campaign to defeat Proposal 1 and Measure 3. Do not allow the naysayers, telling bald-faced lies, change your mind.


The latest Michigan marijuana legalization campaign finance reports show that opponents have significantly more cash on hand for lead up to Election Day than supporters do.

The political arm of the Drug Policy Alliance kicked in $25,000 to each of the legal marijuana efforts in Michigan and North Dakota, nearly doubling the budget for the campaign in the latter state.

A coalition of organizations is pushing Colorado to make its marijuana market more fair, equitable and open to people from communities harmed by the war on drugs.


A federal RICO trial against a Colorado marijuana business begins on Monday.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by an Oregon county that wanted to enact greater restrictions on marijuana cultivation.

The U.S. attorney for the Western District of New York sent a press release about charging a 23-year-old man with smuggling marijuana purchased at a Canadian dispensary into the U.S..

The new U.S. attorney for Colorado was sworn in, but hasn’t yet publicly discussed his views on marijuana enforcement.

Colorado’s former U.S. attorney is expected to campaign against Michigan’s marijuana legalization ballot measure this week.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and his challengers debated marijuana policy, with all three admitting to having consumed cannabis.

Rep. Ron Estes (R-KS) and Democratic challenger James Thompson debated marijuana policy.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) tweeted, “Illinois gubernatorial race is the latest example of marijuana legalization being good politics as well as good policy. Legalization is playing a role in swing state elections, adding more support for our federal cannabis reform agenda.”

The House industrial hemp bill got one new cosponsor, for a total of 14.


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) signed a bill to stop revoking driver’s’ licenses from people convicted of drug offenses and other crimes unrelated to motor vehicle operation.

A report from Colorado regulators on the impact of legalization found that youth marijuana use has not increased, among other data points.

Tennessee Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean tweeted in support of medical cannabis.

Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan and Republican challenger Janssen Willhoit agreed during a debate that marijuana sales should be legalized.

Minnesota Democratic attorney general candidate Keith Ellison, currently a congressman, tweeted, “As a civil rights attorney for 16 years, I saw too many lives ruined by the failed War on Drugs. Restarting it may help Trump’s friends in the for-profit prison industry, but serves no one else. It is time for a new approach focused around rehabilitation.”

Maryland regulators ordered a medical cannabis company’s products pulled off of shelves, but won’t say why.

New Mexico lawmakers held a hearing on allowing medical cannabis at schools.

Michigan regulators will consider medical cannabis license applications on Monday.

North Dakota’s first medical cannabis manufacturing facility is up and running.

Washington State regulators sent a bulletin about marijuana transportation requirements, regional licensing applications and more.


Newark, New Jersey’s mayor says that cities should get a big chunk of tax revenue from legal marijuana.


Here’s a look at where Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro stands on drug policy.

Thai lawmakers will hold a seminar on medical cannabis on Tuesday.

The Canadian government and an organization it partnered with on distributing marijuana education brochures ended their relationship over the group’s refusal to stop accepting funds from pharmaceutical and cannabis companies.


A study found that “the specialty publication GreenState, which reported on health issues related to cannabis, exhibited significant shortcomings when compared to its parent publisher, the San Francisco Chronicle,” and noted several issues with promotional articles.

Researchers developed a model that they believe accounts for undercounted marijuana use in surveys that rely on self-reporting.


A poll found that Michigan adults support the state’s marijuana legalization ballot measure, 58%-37%.

A poll found that people in the UK support legalizing marijuana, 59%-31%.

PolitiFact looks at growing public support for legalizing marijuana.


Anheuser-Busch InBev is “closely following legalization trends in the cannabis industry in North America.”

The Nevada Dispensary Association released a report projecting that the state could generate more than $1 billion in marijuana tax revenue in the first seven years of legal sales.


Actors Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito began their decades-long friendship over a shared love of marijuana.

Former boxer Mike Tyson is shopping a TV show based on his life as a marijuana grower and marketer.

Travel writer Rick Steves spoke to the New York Times about his support for legalizing marijuana.

The New York Times looks at the growing popularity of CBD.

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