Michigan Marijuana Supporters to Celebrate Legalization at Midnight

Michigan Marijuana Legalization is happening!

[Ed. Note: Cannabis is legal in Michigan as of midnight tonight. With Michigan legalizing marijuana, 20% of the US population has access to legal adult-use cannabis! Michigan still has to get through this lame duck session though. A Republican (who lost his seat) is trying to modify the new constitutional amendment, limiting our rights.]

At 12 am tonight, recreational marijuana officially becomes legal in Michigan, making it the 10th state to break from federal policy. Passed by voters on Nov. 6, Prop 1 allows for the possession of up to 10 ounces at home and cultivation of up to 10 plants. You can gift 2.5 ounces, but can’t sell it.

Plans for a  commercial industry will get rolling next year, with stores likely opening in 2020. It’s possible that medical dispensaries will be converted for rec purposes earlier than expected.

Prosecutors in several counties—Macomb and Oakland—are already dismissing low-level marijuana arrest charges.

The bad news is that some members of the Michigan legislature, including Republican Senate Majority Leader Arlen Meekof, want to remove Prop 1’s homegrow provision.

Several events are planned for December 6 in Michigan:

Celebration of the Legalization of Cannabis in Michigan, Cannabis Counsel Office, 2930 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 8 pm-12 am

Women Grow Signature Networking Event, 4375 Washtanaw Ave., Ann Arbor; 7 pm-9 pm

Make Money NOW with CBD, Entrepreneurs Hub, 1400 Woodbridge St., Detroit; 6:45 pm-8 pm

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