Top 9 Arguments in Support of Marijuana Legalization and Regulation

About 2/3 of the U.S. public supports legalization, They have begun to realize what was behind the original suppression of cannabis and then how the war on drugs was very blunt about the racist reasons that cannabis was made illegal. Why are some states still against it? The answer is pretty simple; Rule by the minority. It happens sometimes in the U.S. and alcohol abolition in the early 1900s was absolutely the work of a vocal minority, it lasted over 15 years and spawned the growth of many illegal enterprises that are still powerful today..think mafia. Has cannabis prohibition been any different?

Here are some reasons for the legalization of cannabis everywhere. Everywhere, including the rest of the world where there were some places you could be put to death for possession of less than an ounce! And they’re still out there.

I will welcome the time to come when we don’t have to write about legalizing cannabis and can concentrate on the growers, their strains and all the other fun stuff around cannabis.

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