What Being a Cannabis Regulator Taught Me About Success in the Industry

I’ve been writing about the people who actually the write the regulations for legal cannabis markets over the U.S. and how their regulations can be onerous, vague, and not well thought out. And yet, here’s a ‘regulator’ who seems pretty intelligent and thoughtful about what the regulated market should be. Of course, she left the regulatory business and went into cannabis consulting where there’s a lot more cash to be made, especially by someone who can say they’ve been part of the regulatory framework in that state.

It seems to me that we need more regulators who understand regulatory environments and regulations that are designed to help growers, retail operations, and consumers and not just create regulations in favor of the state. The state is in the business of regulating and taxing…the taxing is most important…and they should make it easy or at least have a clear path to creating those tax dollars.

The article “What Being a Cannabis Regulator Taught Me About Success in the Industry” appeared in Cannabis Business Times

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