5 Cannabis Strains For Celebrating the Holidays

[Editor’s Note: Most strains will be great, but these 5 have extra super powers! Fun article and good suggestions follow.]

Love them or hate them, celebrate ’em or don’t, the holiday season is upon us!

Whether seeking a cannabis strain to take the edge off shopping at the mall, awkward dinners at the in-laws, or the many, many festive meals on your plate, incorporating cannabis into holiday traditions can infuse a little extra joy into the festivities.

Jeremy Jacob, a cannabis guru who runs The Village Bloomery in Vancouver, says if you want to be up and running after consuming, it’s best to aim for sativa strains. If such strains tend to make you feel anxious after you smoke, he says it can help to try a strain that’s also high in CBD.

Ghost Train Haze

Need to get through two consecutive turkey dinners? Ghost Train is a beloved high-energy sativa that can be supportive in getting things done and boosting appetite. A cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck with a THC content of up to 22%, this strain is a safe bet for experienced consumers who plan to microdose throughout the day.

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Yin & Yang

Looking for a high-functioning strain to keep you in high spirits over the holidays? As its name suggests, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is balanced in both THC and CBD.  With a welcoming, woody scent, mixed with sweet herbs, coffee, black pepper and pine, this strain has the capacity to induce an uplifting, joyous effect, but without the foggy head and heart palpitations.

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Buddha Haze

I’m sure many of us could say this about all cannabis, but this sativa-dominant hybrid really dials down the “give a f*ck factor.” While staff at Cannabis NB in Saint John recommend this strain for social functions, it could also make the mall more bearable for those dreading the holiday shopping hordes because “it’s high in limonene [great for elevated mood and stress relief,] and in pinene, which thins the blood-brain barrier.”

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Rio Bravo

Billed as  “a clear-headed, creative catalyst, boasting woodsy, spicy and sweet aromas,” this sativa-dominant strain is similar to Jack Herer, and offers a mid-range THC content of about 15-17%. Rio Bravo also boasts a bouquet of beneficial terpenes including mood-elevating limonene, energizing pinene, and aromatic humulene which will appeal to fans of hoppy beers.

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This high-energy, medium-high-THC sativa hybrid is designed with heart-to-hearts in mind. Not only is this a pep-inducing, party-appropriate strain, but it’s also high in alpha and beta pinenes that can improve alertness and focus. Consider it the secret ingredient for wake ’n bakes that’ll leave you energized enough to get the actual baking done.

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