6 Strains With the Strength of Luke Cage

The second season of Luke Cage is back and better than ever. With a tightened Marvel-riffic formula and an engaging storyline, this new chapter sees the return of fan faves like Misty Knight, Wu-Tang, impressively drawn villains, a subtle shout-out to phenomenal author Roxane Gay, Rosario Dawson’s cheekbones, and our hoodied hero Mike Colter growing more bulletproof by the day.

It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s beyond bingeable.

In honor of Harlem’s Hero, we offer you seven tokes of burnable, blastable, breakable strains with the super-strength of Luke Cage.

We couldn’t make this up: G13 has an origin story straight outta the Marvel Universe. Allegedly—in a super-secret government project—the CIA, FBI, and other special forces gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world and—at a super-secret installation—at the University of Mississippi, they conceived the ultimate hybrid in the late 1960s. Earthy and sweet with relaxed and talkative effects, this is a great option for viewing parties with friends.

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Another strain with touch of mystery strength, Platinum OG is derived from Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third “unknown” parent. A famously high-quality product loaded with visible crystals, its unearthly power isn’t surprising. This is a one-and-done TKO type buzz, best consumed during your episode-before-bed routine.

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Bioengineered to be a true monster with THC levels commonly over 25%, Herijuana isn’t playing around. An unusual mingling of violet, plum, and wood, this strain begs to be paired with a rich Pinot Noir, a massive bowl of pasta, and your squishiest pajama pants (as you aren’t going anywhere for a long while).

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If dankess could be weaponized, God Bud would become next season’s main villain. This funky, skunky, resin-heavy strain has a floral and berry taste and a lavender finish. Get ready for seriously uplifting activities with this smile-inducing strain.

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When “distraction from productivity” is the mood you’re seeking to enhance, it’s time to load up on Blackwater. Seemingly created for days when you’re bed-bound and binge-watching. Lucky for you, you’ve got 13 full hours of Luke’s fineness and sweeping views of New York City to behold. Berries, grape, and earth land on your palate and produce a cerebral calm before it hits your body hard ala the Iron Fist.

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With its parentage made up of OG Kush and G13, MK Ultra is the comic book equivalent of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones having a super kid. Its name is a nod to the CIA’s Project MK-Ultra which practiced excessive experiments in mind manipulation. We know Jess is no fan of mind manipulation, so the “mama said knock you out” body effects of this strain shouldn’t be a surprise either. Delivering flavors that range from earth to wood with extreme pungency thrown in, this award-winning strain is not for first time or casual users.

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