7 Nutritious Delicious Edibles for Epic Hiking

The season of hiking, camping, and simply being in the great outdoors is right around the corner.  What makes connecting with nature so much better? Cannabis, of course! With a lit joint, a few edibles, and a gigantic bottle of water, you can’t go wrong getting lifted and soaking in the verdant beauty.


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Below, check out our favorite edibles to take on the trail. Keep your muscles moving with sugar-free snacks, protein rich jerky, and maybe even some medicated peanut butter.

A great snack for on-the-trail munchies, these gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and paleo Superfood Cookies offer healthy benefits in a pinch. Each cookie contains 10mg CBD for a relaxing hike without the head-high. Stock up on a few bites for a burst of filling energy.

Available in: California

(Image courtesy of Cornucopia)

If you’re looking for a stony addition to your camping set-up, consider this delectable Infused Peanut Butter. Slather it on sandwiches, tuck it into s’mores, or eat it by the spoonful (we won’t judge), this nutty powerhouse leaves you ultra-relaxed with 120mg THC in every jar.

Available in: Arizona


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(Image courtesy of Upside Edibles)

Searching for the perfect snack for that trail viewpoint break? Look no further than these sweet Chocolate Covered Apricots. Enjoy scenery and greenery with a fruity touch and 20mg THC per serving—you’ll head down the mountain at a higher elevation than you were going up.

Available in: California

(Image courtesy of YUP)

Sugar-free! YUP’s savory Bacon Rosemary Bliss Bar has 12g protein, 5mg THC, and 20mg CBD for under 250 calories. It’s amazing fuel before a particularly intense hike or rigorous climb.

Available in: Oregon, Washington, and coming soon to California


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(Image courtesy of BandM)

If there’s one thing working at Leafly has taught us, it’s this: if it’s edible, it can be infused. BaM’s Infused Beef Jerky comes in Original, Sriracha, and Teriyaki flavors with 10mg THC per serving, so you can pick your favorites or mix and match to suit your tastes. Eat this protein-packed snack before, during, and after the trail to keep both your mind and muscles happy.   

Available in: Nevada

(Image courtesy of Pearl20)

Add some fruit to the mix or freeze it for some uplifting ice cubes, the Pearl2o Infused Water will keep you hydrated for those hot, sunny days in the great outdoors. Choose 5mg THC/CBD or 10mg THC/CBD and add a little excitement to your water bottle. 

Available in: Washington and California


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(Courtesy of Edipure)

If you’re planning a multi-day trip or just a two hour down-and-back jaunt, consider these Roasted Tomato Crackers as your snack companion. Carbs and THC join forces for a quick bite with an extra boost.

Available in: California and Colorado

Ready to get out there? Find a dispensary nearby.

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