Cannabolish: The Natural Smoke Odor-Control that Fights Terpenes with Terpenes

[Editor’s Note: Natural? We have never trusted that word when used to describe something that comes in an aerosol can. We understand the desire to not have weed smoke clinging to our clothes, there’s got to be a better way than chemicals.]

As more and more states move to legalize cannabis, one problem remains heavy in the air: the smell. When it comes to flower, the danker the better, but for the rest of us, it would be nice to enjoy a nice smoke sesh without having to worry about the heavy smoke odor that clings to our clothes, cars, and furniture.

Enter Cannabolish, a natural, safe, effective way to smoke flower discreetly on your own terms. But the question remains: what separates Cannabolish from other, store-bought odor-eliminators? Won’t my sandalwood spritz or apple-cinnamon candle do the trick?

Leading Provider of Natural Odor-Control

Cannabolish is out to disrupt the odor-remover industry. As other companies rely on harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and other carcinogenic materials, Cannabolish is the environment-friendly formula you’ve been waiting for. Sourced from natural ingredients, you can be sure it’s safe to use around pets and people, in large spaces or small, and as often as you need it. More importantly, Cannabolish actually eliminates the odor for good, never just masking the smell with another aromatic fake fragrance.

Interestingly, Cannabolish is plant-powered, which is unique compared to other products on the market. The scientifically-proven formula ensures the odor is fully eliminated using the power of the flower. As most cannabis lovers know intimately by now, terpenes are the blissfully pungent oils that develop during the flowering stages of a cannabis plants growth. They are responsible for the taste and experience of consumption—as well as the clingy odor that resides hours after use. While some products try to just mask the smell, Cannabolish instead fights terpenes with terpenes using a proprietary plant-based, biodegradable blend. Formulated by OMI Industries, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly solutions, Cannabolish products are the reliable choice to reach for.

Formulated to Fit Your Lifestyle

In addition to its clean ingredients, Cannabolish is discreet. This accessory is for consumers on the go! All products are crafted to be effective yet practical with design to match. Whether storing it in the car, on the countertop, or grabbing it on the way out the door, every product is packaged with spa-quality simplicity. Light a Cannabolish candle for added ambiance while you enjoy a session. Pack the non-aerosol spray for a quick and compact odor-neutralizer while traveling. Consumers can trust that Cannabolish products are reliable from the inside out.

And the practicality extends beyond design. Cannabolish products are an easy, affordable addition to your cannabis lifestyle. At just $4.99 for a 2 oz. bottle of odor removing spray, Cannabolish is a simple add-on to any purchase at your favorite dispensary—and not just for odor-control, but for sophisticated home decor as well. The Cannabolish candle seamlessly blends into your home’s atmosphere and adds elegance to any smoke session. With ingredients that are safe for your family, pets, and furniture, Cannabolish is the odor-eliminator that fits into your daily life without disrupting your budget or harming your things.

What more could the modern cannabis consumer want?

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