Emerald Cup 2018 Winners and Where to Buy Them

[Editor’s Note: This is the list we’ve been waiting all year. Check out the Emerald Cup’s best marijuana strains for 2018.]

The world’s Academy Awards of cannabis—The Emerald Cup 2018—concluded near San Francisco, CA. Sunday afternoon. Now begins your chance to scoop up the state’s most award-winning buds all through the holiday.

Read below for the locations of California’s best flowers, edibles, and extracts—as judged by industry experts at the Cup.

Cannabis is legal in California for adults 21 and over, and the first full year of commercial sales is concluding. About 300 stores are open statewide. Hundreds of buds, oils, edibles and, more competed in 24 different categories, with some companies spending as much as $20,000 on contest entry fees, lab testing, cost of product, and more.

“Winning first place definitely provides a big boost,” said Craig Negedly, founder and CEO of Talking Trees Farms, a past Emerald Cup winner, and 2018 contestant.

Celebrity cultivators “Nikki and Swami” of Swami Select cannabis announced the winners Sunday afternoon as part of an awards ceremony that included giving outlaw country legend Willie Nelson a lifetime achievement award, now dubbed the Willie Nelson Award.

Director Kevin Smith and collaborator Jason Mewes anchored a podcast taping of ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old’ on Saturday. Performances by Gogol Bordello, STS9, the Funky Meters, and others topped a packed lineup that included eight stages over two days. More than 250 vendors sold adult use cannabis for as low as $60 per ounce, while designer seeds by Aficionado went for as high as $55 per seed.

Let’s dig into some of this year’s winners.

CBD Edibles Lovers

1st place Somatik Goji Berry Sparks at Emerald Cup 2018
Goji Berries Somatik(David Downs/Leafly)

First Place—Goji Berries by Somatik

Love to keep calm and carry on? Seek out the Emerald Cup’s first place winner in the category of CBD edibles, Somatik’s Goji CBD Berries. These delicious morsels won’t make you freak out. With just 2 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per berry—you’d really have to have a snack attack to induce a panic attack. That said, follow all labeling instructions.

THC Edibles Lovers

Utopia products can be found statewide. (David Downs/Leafly)Utopia products can be found statewide. (David Downs/Leafly)

First Place—Raspberry Macaroons by Utopia

Tis the season for tasty raspberry macarons from Utopia—winners of first place in THC edibles at the Emerald Cup 2018. These sweet, berry cookies each contain 10 mg of THC, so stop at one and wait two hours before scarfing more. Ten cookies per bag.

Top-Shelf Topicals Fans

Third Place—Extra-Strength Pain Cream by C.A.D.

Take your war on pain, spasms, and inflammation to the next level with award-winning skin creams by C.A.D. These third place topicals winner in the Emerald Cup 2018 employs just three people for their hyper-boutique, hyper-potent, and effective skin creams, like Mimosa Cream and extra-strength pain cream.

Terp Lovers

Fields extracts plus Zkittlez strain yields Fieldz. (David Downs/Leafly)Fields extracts plus Zkittlez strain yields Fieldz. (David Downs/Leafly)

First Place—Fieldz Live Resin Sauce Cartridge

You have seen the summit of cannabis and are no longer content to live in the valley. You seek out only the terpiest, most cutting-edge extracts legal cannabis hath wrought. You, madam, are looking for the Fieldz Live Resin Sauce Cartridge. Good luck! Finding one of these is like getting those special limited edition Jordans. You got to know a guy that knows a guy. Terp lovers who like Fields also like, Beezle and Raw Garden Live Resin Sauce Carts.

We’ll post more locations to try and buy Emerald Cup 2018 winners as the smoke clears a bit this week.

Here’s the full list of Emerald Cup 2018 cannabis contest winners:

Licensed sun-grown

  1. Ridgeline Farms – Green Lantern
  2. Rebel Grown– Double OG Chem #15
  3. Tar Hill – Cherimoya

Licensed mixed light

  1. Tar Hill – Pink Lemonade
  2. Josh D. – OG Kush Story
  3. DEVI – Peanut Butter Breath

Personal sun-grown

  1. JD Lee – Chili Verde
  2. Paula Hudgins – Wedding Cake
  3. Cory Rodgers – Cherry Punch 15


  1. Utopia – Raspberry Macarons
  2. SolDaze – Tropical Mango Bites
  3. Budlette Confections – Mellows Black Sesame


  1. Alchemy Jane – Create THC Tincture
  2. OM Edibles – Nighttime Elixer
  3. Humboldt Apothecary – Love Potion No. 7


  1. Newell’s Botanicals – Deep Skin Penetrating Roll-on
  2. OM – Lavender Bath Salts
  3. CAD – Mimosa


  1. Herer Group – The Original Jack Herer
  2. Gold Drop/Lemon Tree/Blue River – Lemon Tree
  3. Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River – Blueberry Muffin


  1. Peak – Huckleberry Zkittlez Amber
  2. WildSeed – Candyland
  3. Big Sur Extracts – Cloud Drop


  1. The Humboldt Cure – The Humboldt Cure Blend Diamonds
  2. WildSeed, LLC – White Recluse Diamonds
  3. NUG – White Buffalo OG Live Resin Diamonds

Live resin carts

  1. Fieldz Extracts – Zkittlez Sauce Pen
  2. Friendly Farms – Forbidden Fruit
  3. Fiddler’s Green – Rogue OG Kush


  1. GDP Genetics – Super Glue
  2. Fieldz – Zkittles Premium Rosin
  3. Field Extracts – Papaya Premium Rosin


  1. Humboldt Terp Council – Zkittlez Cake
  2. Raw Garden – Zookies
  3. Summit Boys – Sundae Driver

Shatter Batter

  1. Suprize Suprize – Cherry Tangerine
  2. Suprize Suprize – Royal Kush BX1 “Badder”
  3. Suprize Suprize – Holy Nana Crack Batter


  1. Frosty – Papaya 120u
  2. Tar Hill and Frosty – Tar Hill Pink Lemonade
  3. Papa’s Select, in collaboration with Select Solventless grown by Emerald Queen Farms – GMO 1st Pull 120u Water Hash

CBDs Co2/Distillate

Gold Drop – Lemon Penny

CBD Edibles

  1. Somatik – Goji Berry
  2. OM Edibles – CBD Gummi Melange
  3. Space Gems – VITA Gems

CBD Tinctures

  1. Humboldt Apothecary – Relax
  2. Fiddler’s Green – ACDC Rogue Tincture
  3. Humboldt Harvest – 13:1 CBD Terpene Rich

CBD Topical

Om Edibles – Rose Geranium Bath Salt

CBD Flower

  1. Molecular Farms – Blueberry Banana Bread
  2. Molecular Farms – Dr. Fizz
  3. Molecular Farms – Garlic Jam

CBD Concentrate

1. Sublime – Sleep
2. Sublime – High-C

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