Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month

Pride month

[Canniseur: Diving in to the details, it appears all companies listed are also donating money to LGBT-based causes and not just taking the profit off Pride. As an extra bonus, one company, Coolhaus, is actually lesbian owned. We all know plenty of cannabis-based companies still skew towards being led by straight men. It’s nice to see some LGBT-women included.]

June isn’t over yet—check out these cannabis companies who are giving back for Pride Month!

There’s been a lot going on this month. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that’s changed the way we work, shop, and interact with people, and the newly-invigorated wave of protests and direct actions to address the prevalent and systemic issue of police brutality against people of color, it’s completely understandable that people are maybe more stressed out than usual.

As most of us know, June is LGBTQ Pride Month. Typically, this is the month where large corporations and big businesses decorate with rainbows and glitter…while not actually doing anything to benefit the community. This kind of performative move is particularly painful this year, since the Trump administration revoked a ruling that protected LGBTQ-identified people from discrimination in healthcare. This specifically impacts transgender people, who are already vulnerable to discrimination and abuse.

Those who are part of the LGBTQ community, and those who are allies, know how important it is to support companies and organizations that return that same support. That extends to cannabis companies.

This month, a few cannabis brands are showing their love to the LGBTQ community in meaningful ways—here’s who they are and why we love them:

Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month
Courtesy of Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections

Last year, the über-popular edibles brand Kiva Confections rolled out a limited edition Pride-themed product in their Camino line of infused gummies. And it was so successful that the company decided to give their Tropical Punch Camino gummy an encore performance this year! Additionally, Kiva Confections partnered up with GLAAD for the rollout and has also made a monetary donation to help the organization combat discrimination and violence.

Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month
Courtesy of PLUS


For the third consecutive year, PLUS is offering a special, limited edition line of THC-infused gummies. PLUS’ Pride Gummies are rainbow sherbet-flavored and contain 5mg of THC per gummy. But better yet, the PLUS Pride line is for a good cause: for each tin sold, the company will donate $1 to the SF Bay Queer Nightlife Fund to help support nightlife workers who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month
Courtesy of Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

Let’s be real: the world is scary right now. But the CBD brand Sunday Scaries has our backs. Just in time for Pride Month, Sunday Scaries reintroduced their popular line of CBD-infused, rainbow-colored candy called Unicorn Jerky! For every pouch of Unicorn Jerky sold, Sunday Scaries donates $1 to The Trevor Project—an organization dedicated to suicide prevention and crisis intervention for Queer youth.

Here’s the really cool thing though: Sunday Scaries does this year-round; not just during June.

Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month
Courtesy of Kush Queen

Kush Queen

Kush Queen went all out this year with a line of Pride Season products. They’re offering two different bath bombs, a CBD-infused lubricant, and CBD gummies. For Pride Month 2020, Kush Queen is supporting the non-profit organization Asylum Connect. This organization is dedicated to aiding LGBTQ people seeking asylum by helping them access various services for mental and physical health, translation, education, employment, and more. Kush Queen donated a total of $25,000 to Asylum Connect and is committed to helping them raise awareness on their social media and marketing channels.

Five Companies You Can Feel Good About Supporting This Pride Month
Courtesy of Aster Farms and Coolhaus

Aster Farms, Coolhaus, and Sweet Flower

This year, cannabis brand Aster Farms joined forces with ice cream company Coolhaus and dispensary Sweet Flower to bring us the ultimate Pride treat: a preroll and a pint. Sweet Flower will help deliver Aster Farm’s limited edition Rainbow Chip Preroll (a hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Mint Chocolate Chip) and a pint of Coolhaus’ dairy-free and plant-based flavor EnjoyMINT For All to customers in Los Angeles.

Aster Farms and Coolhaus are both female-owned; additionally, Coolhaus’ founders are both LGBTQ-identified women in a relationship! All three companies will be matching each $5 purchase with a donation to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Homeless Youth Initiative.


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