Get a Good Night’s Sleep With These Massachusetts-Grown Strains

[Editor’s Note: Glad to see Massachusetts get into the cannabis fray. Some of these strains I’ve never heard of, but now want to try them!]

Better sleep was one of the reasons my health care provider thought cannabis would be useful for me. My anxiety can sometimes prevent me from getting enough quality sleep, and she knew I was on the fence about taking more traditional sleep aids that can sometimes build up in your system until they no longer work as effectively. I thankfully don’t have that issue when it comes to cannabis, and I’ve found a variety of strains that have truly made a difference when it comes to getting my prescribed eight hours.

Sleep-inducing strains work on both your brain and your body, calming your thoughts as well as your nerves and muscles, which can help ease you into a peaceful, painless night of rest. Nighttime strains are also great to enjoy in a variety of ways, from concentrates to edibles to flower. Just be mindful of timing and dosage—too much THC might leave you feeling overtired and groggy the next morning.

An ever-growing number of adult-use retailers means even better access to these choice strains. As of this writing, Massachusetts has seven dispensaries selling adult-use cannabis, with one more preparing to open in Hudson near the end of the month.


Do-Si-Dos APEX Cartridge

Is there anything a Girl Scout Cookie can’t do? GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, is my favorite strain ever, so it’s no surprise that I also enjoy a little Do-Si-Dos, which is a cross between GSC and Face Off OG. You should only need a puff or two of this potent strain to help relax you into a deep sleep. When consuming it as a concentrate, go low and slow and wait about 5-10 minutes between puffs. This strain is known for a sweet mental rush before slowly settling your thoughts and body into a relaxed state. Perfect for when you want to catch up on some Z’s.

Master Kush x Skunk Crumble

This indica-leaning hybrid is a great nighttime strain, combining the relaxing powers of both Master Kush—which always gives me a hazy feeling perfect for heading to dreamland—and Skunk, a strain commonly recommended for chronic pain. Enjoy a little crumble right before you start your bedtime routine, and you should feel your whole body relaxing just as you slide into your sheets.

Fire OG DART pod

INSA’s DART pods are really great. They have one of the cleanest pulls I’ve experienced, and come in a variety of strains. The Fire OG pod is great to have right next to your bed. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, one hit of this and you should be back to sleep within seconds. It both physically relaxes your body and smoothes out any racing thoughts in your mind. Note, however, that this is a potent concentrate—so go low and slow to avoid feeling groggy in the morning.


Master Kush

Master Kush has become a go-to evening strain for me. This popular indica is lovely as an after-dinner smoke or vape. It helps me slowly start to wind down, allowing me to prepare for bedtime without feeling rushed or frazzled. In fact, I occasionally pair some Master Kush with some relaxing evening yoga. The combination of the strain—which can soothe muscles without a couch lock feeling—and the gentle stretching helps my body head down the path to a perfect night’s sleep.

Sunshine Daydream

From one of the newer adult-use dispensaries comes Sunshine Daydream, a hybrid strain that provides a wonderful body high. This can be a beneficial strain for folks who have inflammation or pain that prevents them from having a full night’s sleep. It can create a bit of a cerebral high, as well, but rest assured it won’t keep you up and thinking all night.

Lavender Jones

You can find this relaxing strain at Northeast Alternatives, the newest dispensary to begin selling recreational cannabis in Fall River. This hybrid strain pulls its relaxing benefits from one of its parent strains: Purple Urkle. The super-dense bud is a beautiful mix of dark greens and dusty purples, but be careful to keep an eye on how much you consume. Too much and you might end up awakening some anxiety.


Remember: Edibles can take awhile to fully take effect, so munch that edible about an hour before bedtime. And to avoid getting too toasty, start low and go slow—wait at least a couple hours before going back for more.

Avid Abundance Coconut Butter High Dose

Temescal Wellness recently opened its existing Pittsfield medical dispensary to  adult-use sales, and it’s the perfect opportunity to check out their infused coconut butter. It comes in both high- and low-dose varieties, depending on your personal tolerance and needs. Edibles can be a great way to enjoy relaxing strains, as they typically give you a solid body high that can be helpful in getting a deep sleep. Their effects also last longer than smoking or vaping, which can be useful for folks who find themselves waking up throughout the night. Enjoy some coconut butter smeared on some toast an hour or so before bedtime. Or mix some into a nice hot tea to sip on until it’s time to sleep.

Green Apple 1:1 Gummy Chews

If you’re looking for something quick, easy, and discreet to help wind you down after a busy day, these yummy green apple gummies are the perfect treat. They come in accurately dosed, 1:1 THC-to-CBD chews, allowing you to find the exact right amount that works for you. Some folks might be good to go with just one cube, while others may need two or more before blissfully allowing their bones to soften into soothing sleep.

Coconut Lime Macaroons

Nothing says sweet dreams better than a glass of warm milk and a cookie. How to add cannabis? Cultivate in Leicester has you covered. They have a variety of cookies, from peanut butter oatmeal to traditional chocolate chip. Those are both good, but it’s the coconut lime macaroons that will have you licking your lips for more. With 42 milligrams of THC in each macaroon, they might just be the perfect snack before heading to bed.

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