Loud and Proud! 2018 PRIDE Products Roundup

Happy PRIDE Month!

This June’s seen many popular brands go PRIDE-friendly with a purpose.  From Abercrombie’s Made for Love Collection-a line of sweatshirts, t-shirts and baseball caps which benefit the Trevor Project, to Miley Cyrus’s collab with Converse where the sneakers are rainbow heavy and range from classic Chucks to platform high tops in support of Happy Hippie Foundation, It Gets Better, Minus18, and RanibowYOUTH.

But it’s not just fashion that’s stepping up to support Queer causes, the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and weed culture has been a long and loving one. We’ve got a few “accessories” on the radar to make your celebration even sweeter.

Proud PRIDE Products

In a time where many feel their vote doesn’t count, voting with your dollar always makes an impact. Knowing where your product comes from lets you endorse Queer owned bud businesses.

(Photo by SugarTop Buddery)

Though not created for PRIDE month specifically, SugarTop Buddery does the packaging of their massive 1.2 gram pre-rolls in reusable doob tubes in all shades of the Flag.

(Photo by Baked Bros)

It’s sizzurp in “a rainbow of fruit flavors!”

(Photo by Greenway Medibles)

Show up with a few of these at your next Big Gay BBQ and you’ll be popular indeed.

(Photo by Henry’s Original)

With the month specifically in mind, Henry’s Herbals created an exclusive of pre-rolls which are parade-worthy perfection.

The folx behind Goodship also make non-medicated Cupcake Royale and their annual cupcake flavor ‘The Gay’ is an extremely popular vanilla and rainbow sprinkle concoction—your heart will swell watching 7-year-olds walk up to the counter and ask for “Two ‘Gays’, please” all NBD—with 10% of their profits going back to the Gender Justice League. After a premium edible who doesn’t want a premium cupcake? Support them two-fold.

Editor’s note: Leafly and Goodship are both owned by Privateer Holdings. How stoked are we? Very stoked!

(Photo by Oregrown)

San Francisco based PAX has proven a strong PRIDE supporter.  PAX Labs has partnered with Oregrown to create the “Everybody is Free to Love” Pride 2018 PAX Era device and limited edition Rainbow Craze PAX Era pod.  PAX Labs and Oregrown will donate proceeds to PFLAG of Central Oregon, Out Central Oregon and the Human Dignity Coalition in Portland. PAX has also teamed up with Jetty, a maker of fine extracts, to donate a percentage of sales from every Reckless Rainbow Gold cartridge and Reckless Rainbow PAX Era Pod to Mr Friendly—an org which advocates for de-stigmatizing HIV—as well as other pro-LGBTQ+ groups.

Support these fine canna-creators and their enjoyable efforts to give back, and explore vendors and producers in your area that support LGBTQ rights.

Strains for Pride

In order to provide you a personalized, premium PRIDE experience we’ve got a smokin’ party plan to get you on point, and booty shakin’ tunes below.

Good Morning, Darling. You look gorgeous. If there was ever a day to rise, wake, and bake, this is it. Nothing goes better with your Eggs Benedict and multiple Mimosas than Tangerine Dream, a hybrid with citrus and sweet notes and a happy energetic buzz to kick the day off right.

Find Tangerine Dream Nearby

This one’s a no-brainer. A hybrid of Dancehall and Blueberry (I mean come on?!). This euphoric strain, which is sweetly spiced, gets you in a creative headspace without slowing your roll.

Find Rainbow Nearby

Nothing says “I’m here, I’m Queer and I’m HIGGGHHHHHH”  like this bad boy. It’s one of the skunkiest, funkiest smelling strains ever conceived, and a strong sativa that will push you through your midday malaise. Island Sweet Skunk creates a uplifted, energetic, user experience. Now get up on that float and shake what your mama gave ya.

Find Island Sweet Skunk Nearby

Post Parade Drinks—Lemon Haze

The cocktail hour demands a booze complementary strain and the heavenly heavy lemon essence of Lemon Haze enhances the flavors of most Vodka, Gin, Tequila drinks or even a nice, cold beer. It’s also an extremely effective sativa so you’ll refresh and energize those party pants for Phase 2.

Find Lemon Haze Nearby

Do “happy, energetic, uplifted, euphoric, and focused” describe how you want to feel at 11 pm on PRIDE Weekend? Hell, Yeah. Now you can feel that way legally.  Forgo the danger of club drugs for a bit of the Ripper, a whopper of a sativa which boasts hints of lemon, pine and citrus and it was made to inspire dancing the night away.

Find Jack the Ripper Nearby

A powerful indica Chocolate Chunk is made for recovery days when your only destination is back to bed. Earthy, with a heavy body buzz, some have claimed the strain reduces flu-like symptoms, so your hangover is in good hands.

Find Chocolate Chunk Nearby

Now go forth and love hard!

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