Rapper Berner’s Top 5 Favorite Strains of All Time

[Editor’s Note: Not into rap, am I. But I do like to see his favorite strains.]

Today’s legal cannabis market is a vicious as it is delicious. Just ask longtime rap and cannabis mogul Berner, from the Bay Area. Berner sits down with The Hash podcast’s David Downs to detail the top five favorite strains of his life, and more. Listen below!

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The Hash, Season 4, Episode 4: Berner.

The Hash is a weekly, scripted, news and lifestyle podcast that follows cannabis’ connections across America. Guests this season include, artist Open Mike Eagle, Broccoli magazine founder Anja Charbonneau, and Cypress Hill rapper B-Real.

Each potent Hash episode is co-hosted and produced by award-winning journalist and best-selling author David Downs and Max Savage Levenson (Pitchfork, NPR).

Also in this episode:

Berner hints at new strains to come like Cereal Milk.

Bern also offers tips on dealing with potential cannabis investors. As investments hit an all-time high, the veteran businessman details the steps creators need to take today to safeguard their work. There’s a war going on for the soul of cannabis and casualties are mounting.

“Make sure you back up your genetics somewhere else,” he tells The Hash.  “I’m giving up free game 101 right now.”

Strains Mentioned In This Episode

#5) The Nade

#4) Champagne Pellie

#3) GDP

#2) Gelato

#1) Lemoncello #10

berner favorite strains
New strain alert: Cereal Milk! A cross of Snowman with The Y.
(Courtesy of Berner, #ShotbyFarid)

Find Gelato Near You

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