Return of the Skunk

Skunk weed is something from the 80s. Or maybe the 70s. It was good stuff and then it sort of disappeared. The link here isn’t about how to grow skunk weed, but what it is. I’m a bit offended by calling it grandpas weed though. Grandpas weed was not stinky like skunk, nor was it any good like skunk. It was full of stems and seeds. It was full of who knows what pesticides, herbacides, fungus, mildew whatever might not be considered to be the best thing to inhale into your lungs. At least today, most of the legal cannabis around is pretty pure. Check out this story to find out about what skunk weed really is all about.

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    This is the type of weed you need to smoke using a so you can taste all of the flavor without anything extra

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