Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Prefer Flower to Concentrates

Apparently, to some cannabis industry wags, this is surprising data. Why? Because concentrates are easy to use and concentrates here means carts although the article doesn’t say what it means by concentrates. Good hash is a concentrate. Good rosin or sugar is a concentrate. Harder to control than flower, but I get it. Flower, if grown properly without pesticides and other bad stuff, is much easier to control for doses than concentrates. For the most part, I don’t know what’s in a ‘concentrate’ or how it was made. There are some concentrates where I do know and understand the production methods, especially concentrates made only with water, but most are opaque and I just stay away from them. So no surprise there.

What’s really sad about this story is that it was derived from an article published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Too bad cannabis use is still considered to be a ‘dependence’ related drug. Will it ever stop?

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