The Best Strains of All Time?

WOW!!! The best strains of all time? Really? There are a lot of very good strains out in the market right now. Too many, I think to say this is the “Best of all Time” but hey, I could be wrong. I think it’s one person’s opinion that these are the best. They certainly are good strains, but the best? I sure like all of these strains, but none of them has had me saying that this is the best ever. Weed is sort of like wine this way. If you’re a wine crazy like me, we can agree that some wines we’ve had are great. But we’d probably disagree on which were the greatest we’ve ever had…if we have all had the same wines from the same vintages.

Read this story to see if you agree. It was written by and published on Weedmaps.

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