The Best Strains of CBD Flower

Not all CBD is created equal. Many types of plants have different varieties, each with their own distinct properties. Plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and even roses come in several varieties. Cannabis hemp plants act in much the same way. Due to cross-breeding and genetic selection by farmers, hundreds of hemp varieties now exist. The best strains turn into the best full spectrum hemp oil and the best cbd pills. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the properties of different strains and how to pick them.


How Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is Made

The best strains of hemp make the best hemp products. That is why starting at the seed and Flowering Hemp Plant
knowing the strain of your products is key! Hemp plants get broken down using CO2 extraction, and what comes out is pure CBD oil and CBD isolate. The full spectrum hemp oil and isolate turns into the best CBD pills or gummies. Or, it is left as an oil for sublingual use. CBD flower, especially, should always have a clear label stating its strain. If you cannot determine the strain of CBD flower, it probably isn’t from a reputable company.


How Hemp Grows

The genetics in the seed of a hemp plant determines its strain. Farmers began growing American hemp around 2014. The 2014 Farm Bill passed by Congress made it legal to grow hemp through state research programs. However, the plants must have less than 0.3% THC content. This growth exploded with the federal legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill. Many farmers started cross-breeding certain cannabis phenotypes that produce high total cannabinoid levels (sometimes as high as 32% total cannabinoids).


The best CBD companies grow the hemp that makes all their products. This ensures that the hemp is high quality, and that the specific strain is known. Knowing the strain of the product helps you select CBD flower for specific desired qualities and effects.

  • Sativa-dominant flower strains tend to produce energetic and uplifting effects.
  • Indica-dominant flower strains tend to produce more relaxed and sleepy effects.
  • Hybrid CBD flower strains have a mixed balance of sativa and indica qualities. They can be more indica or sativa dominant, or evenly balanced.


The Best Strains of CBD Guide

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami CBD flower is one of the original hemp flower CBD strains. Sour Tsunami is a balanced hybrid known for its relaxing effects. It has aromas of Hops, Pine, Cinnamon, Orange, and Chamomile. This pungent flower has a calming experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without any mental cloudiness. The way that a plant grows at the farm affects the potency and final terpene content of the plant. However, Sour Tsunami generally contain around:

  • 16% CBDa
  • 7% CBG
  • 63% Total Terpenes


With an earthy smell and hints of lavender, Cannatonic is an indica heavy hybrid that provides relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which include insomnia, stress, and aches. Cannatonic possesses aromas of Hops, Pine, Cinnamon, Earthy, and Floral scents. This strain combines the best of CBD to provide fast and flavorful relief. The way that a plant grows at the farm affects the potency and final terpene content of the plant. However, Cannatonic CBD flower generally contains around:

  • 15% CBDa
  • 5% CBG
  • 09% Total Terpenes


AC/DC is a sativa-dominant hybrid CBD flower, bred for it’s uplifting effects. The crystal covered flower buds are known for their effects on anxiety, pain, inflammation, and maintaining homeostasis, all with a clear head. It has aromas of Hops, Pine, Cinnamon, Wood, and Chamomile. The way that a plant grows at the farm affects the potency and final terpene content of the plant. However, AC/DC hemp flower generally contains around:

  • 16% CBDa
  • 7% CBG
  • 52% Total Terpenes

Craft Hemp Flower

Since 2018 many companies have released flower strains grown or cured in unique ways. For example, USA Hemp’s American Blend CBD flower is a specially-cured mixture of their three house strains. It is then cured in Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels, straight from the source in Tennessee. The result is an oaky, smooth burning flower with hints of caramel.


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