The New Shatterizer Silver and Black Concentrate Vape Pen

Shatterizer is a company that doesn’t think of their customers as simply customers. If their latest high-quality concentrate pen is anything to go by, it’s clear they hold them in much higher regard. Shatterizer knows their customers draw from all walks of life and each one requires different things from their vaping equipment.

The new Shatterizer concentrate vape pen has been crafted and perfected with their shatter-loving customers firmly in mind. Using customer feedback and coupling it with their years of expertise Shatterizer have created something truly special.

What Shatterizer Learned

Naturally, it took a little time for Shatterizer to find the right design that would give the user as equally a satisfying experience as their original borosilicate glass top.

But somehow though, they did it!

The new Shatterizer pens are a mirror image of their original glass concentrate pen. What makes the difference is their far increased levels of durability, color and material. The new variants are made of very durable aluminum.

Smooth Design and Vapor

Sometimes you get packaging that’s only fit for the trash as soon it’s opened. But the design of this vape kit features a soft inlay that you won’t be throwing away. It’s perfect for doubling up as a carry case which is great, having a safe and convenient way to transport your kit is always a priority.

Other vaporizers may have a rough or unfinished interior within their atomizers, but the designs on these pens is a smooth finish, replicating the feel of their original borosilicate glass version.

Stylish Choices in Variants

There are two new variant choices for the finish, silver or black aluminum. Whichever one you choose they both come in at prices that will appeal to the beginner and the veteran. You know you’re getting a quality product.

The body of Shatterizer has a smooth aluminum exterior finish. It’s a sleek, futuristic look that you’d be proud to bring anywhere. Plus, the rubberized finish makes it much more comfortable to grip.

The Shatterizer Offers Affordability and Functionality


Affordability is key to the Shatterizer promise. This is a company that consistently offers quality products but don’t force you to break the bank. They want to help their customers enjoy concentrates as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Cannabis concentrates can be quite a bit more expensive than flower or dry herb, and their goal was to invent a device that offers vapor smoothly, reliably, and with perfect clouds every time.

Battery Life

We all know that every vaper wants to get to vaping as quick as possible. Shatterizer knows this too, which is why the Shatterizer comes partially charged. That’s right—first time out of the box there is no waiting around.

Take it out, load it up, and with just 5 quick clicks, you’re ready to go. The Shatterizer Concentrate pen is engineered to give smooth, full vapor every single time.

When you do charge the Shatterizer it will take up to around three hours to become fully charged. The Pass-Thru technology it comes equipped with, allows you to enjoy hits even while charging though, so that’s not a problem.

Depending on which temperature setting you choose it will be good for about 70 draws when fully charged. There are three temperature settings to choose from. Each level perfectly suited for the beginner or again a veteran to use.

Temperature Settings and Extras

To toggle through these temperature settings just click the button three times. Easy as. No more experimentations to see what works best. Shatterizer has done the hard part for you already. And the variable voltage on the battery tailors your experience to be as individual as you. You control the density and just how much vapor you’re getting. What could be better?

The coil cap and extra coil cap they’ve added really make a difference, too. These help optimize and guide the airflow within the spacious globe. With a feature like this, you can get more back from your concentrates than was ever possible before.

It also comes with a fluorescent green Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container. This is a safe way to store your cannabis concentrates and the color helps your material stand out. Using this little add-on, your material will be stored separately and safely, unnoticeably attached at the bottom.

CTECH Ceramic Coils or Quartz Dual Coils?

It’s up to you as Shatterizer has given you either option. They include two QDC coils and caps in their vape kit providing customers with added value.

Dedicating coils to specific strains and products increases the functionality and fun. Another benefit is that having two coils and caps provides a convenient amount of time to order a replacement if necessary.

No one likes to run out of pods for their coffee makers or blades for their razors. Why would it be any different for the coils for your Shatterizer?

Why You Will Love The Shatterizer

Therapeutic or celebratory, with friends or alone, if you love concentrates as much as we do then the Shatterizer is the perfect match for you. The Shatterizer brand has thought through the process from start to finish to offer the very best shatter experience.

The Shatterizer is affordable, uses only the best materials, and its innovative design was the result of really listening to their customers’ experiences and honing in on the finer details. This vape pen is the culmination of a long process and the results speak for themselves.

Without their customers, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good. We hope you love it as much as we do.

You can purchase the Shatterizer concentrate vaporizer at

The New Shatterizer Silver and Black Concentrate Vape Pen


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