Quarantine Shopping List for Cannabis Lovers

[Canniseur: No, the “Quarantine Cop List is not a list of police in quarantine, it’s a quarantine shopping list featuring new products in the marketplace for all lovers of cannabis. It has a few surprises, too. Just the thing for your weekend pleasure, especially if you can find some of this gear and don’t have to wear a mask to get it…thanks Internet! This has indeed been one strange year and it’s not over yet!

Canniseur admires Capetta’s style and appreciates much of his selection for quarantine shopping. If you’re looking for holiday gifts (for friends, family, or for yourself), this list is worth a look.

Some of our favorites:

  • The Puffco Peak Pro rechargeable vaporizer, which we will be trying (and reviewing) soon. Capetta admires its style and is pleased with performance improvements.
  • MouthPeace Mini joint / blunt filters, for those looking for a cleaner, smoother smoke.
  • The attractive Harp Designs Roach Clip.
  • Tasty looking edibles, Hervé Macarons, available in Nevada. “These GORGEOUS infused French Luxury Macarons each contain 10mg of sativa-leaning THC, with a focus on Delta 9, and taste just as good as they look.”

And there’s more. As Capetta says of his quarantine shopping list motivation:

With the craziness of the past few weeks around spiking numbers and losing cheetos, I personally have gone way overboard on trying to find new dopeness. My dopamine levels needed it, and I bet yours do too. This month I have some heat that’s less canna-focused, some that are less product-focused, and some that are just straight weed for the fam in Cali.

Photo Courtesy of Puffco

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