The Quest AeroInhaler: A Remarkable New Way To Elevate

Test Results: 10mg THC per puff | 100 puffs per canister | Tested By: Agricor Laboratories

The Quest AeroInhaler

Winner of the most innovative new product at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards, the Quest AeroInhaler is a fresh, exceptionally convenient new way to get high. Each inhaler contains 1000mg THC as top-grade distillate and administers 6.8-10mg of THC per puff (100 puffs per inhaler), which gives you complete, consistent control over your dosing.

The Quest AeroInhaler
The Quest AeroInhaler

AeroInhaler is safe, effective, odorless and so discreet you can use it literally anywhere. The best part is the live resin terpenes added back into the product after distillation, allowing you to medicate without sacrificing flavor. Quest Aerosols have not only created the first cannabis-infused inhaler—they’ve perfected it.

The Quest AeroInhaler
The Quest AeroInhaler

Website: | questaerosols.comInstagram: @aeroinhaler | Facebook: @questconcentrates

Available At…

  1. Rocky Mountain High: 1538 Wazee St #100, Denver, CO 80202
  2. LaConte’s Clone Bar + Dispensary: 5194 Washington St., Denver, CO 80216
  3. The Herbal Cure: 985 S Logan St., Denver, CO 80209


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