Top 10 Strains for Yoga

What is your way of unwinding after a stressful day? Some people love mediation practices and resort to yoga sessions for relaxation. Others take cannabis since the plant is famous for its calming and mood-boosting effects.

If both cannabis and yoga can help with the stress, how about combining the best from both worlds? That won’t be an easy job because not all marijuana types are suitable for meditation. That is why we let the experts choose and single out the top ten strains for yoga. Check them out below and pick your favourite!

1. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has a berry flavour and aroma, which is soothing from the very first second. Although you will feel a calming effect, your mood will also improve. That will ensure you wait for yoga sessions with more desire, and the practice itself will be more active. Granddaddy Purple will make you more energized and ready to complete the entire medication session.

2. CBD Shark

CBD Shark is another great choice for those looking for a potent strain containing a high amount of both CBD and THC. If we are talking about types of weed, this is a strain where Indica dominates. It has a fruity and savoury aroma with just a small touch of garlic. It can give you the energy boost and clarity you need to achieve mindfulness and focus on a yoga session.

3. Yogi Kush

The manufacturer behind this strain is a part of the wellness industry, which implies Yogi Kush is a smart choice for yoga. It is not easy to meditate if you have PTSD and ADHD. You might want to try this variation to experience focus and clarity, which are important for yoga sessions.


ACDC band is legendary in the music industry, and this strain is every bit as famous in the cannabis world. You will often find it among the top choices of CBD for athletes, especially since THC quantity is low. ACDC will help you calm down and focus on the meditation. That can be helpful after you had a stressful day, and you have problems focusing on the session.

5. Northern Lights

Here is a strain that is strong and recommended to advanced cannabis users. They will appreciate the kick that the Northern Lights provide. The strain helps you to achieve the combination of relaxation and clarity that will help you push through stretching, yoga, and all other workout sessions.


6. Blue Dream

If you are dealing with chronic stress, Blue Dream might be able to help. This strain is a hybrid that has a sweet blueberry-like flavor. You can turn to Blue Dream if you have problems performing certain yoga moves because of muscle strains or mild injuries. It will provide pain relief that will keep your spirits up during the session.

7. Zen

Can you imagine a more fitting name for a yoga cannabis option than Zen? That is the zone you want to achieve while meditating. The strain is suitable for those who don’t want much THC in their cannabis. Zen relies on CBD and might get you in the right mood for the upcoming yoga session.

8. Kryptonite

Inspired by the Superman movie, this strain has a high quantity of THC. It can be useful before a yoga session because it can assist in decreasing anxiety and stress levels. Kryptonite lasts for a while, which means that you might feel its effects after the meditation.

9. Grape Ape

If you want to dive into a yoga practice and achieve maximum relaxation effects, try grape ape for its calming benefits. It belongs to Indica strains, and it can relax you before and during yoga practice. The strain is a perfect choice for those who need a small calmness boost ahead of their yoga session. It will take you a step closer to mindfulness, and it is suitable for beginners because of its mild taste.

10. Laughing Buddha

Unlike other hybrid strains, this one is completely based on Sativa. Its goal is to improve clarity and focus, which helps to achieve mindfulness. Beginners will appreciate its mild effect, but also the capability to put them in the mood to meditate.

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