What Exactly Are Cavi Cones?

If you have ever visited a cannabis dispensary, you may have seen a cavi cones display. Or perhaps a friend has mentioned them in conversation or brought one to a party or smoke sesh. But what exactly is a cavi cone? And why does a single cavi cone cost 20 bucks or more?

Cavi cones are not regular joints, so they don’t come with a regular price. Cavi is short for caviar and hints at the exclusive, top-shelf nature of these high-priced joints. Cone refers to the shape of the paper and attached crutch that the joint is rolled in.

Pre-rolled cones can be made from various materials including palm leaves or paper made from hemp or wood pulp. Because of the prefabricated nature of the cones, they are actually stuffed, either by humans or machines, rather than rolled into joints. Twisting the paper at the end keeps the precious material safely inside.

Instead of just herb, a cavi cone is a potent mixture of different cannabis products. Rolled together into one joint, they can give a whole group of friends a strong and lingering high.

What’s In a Cavi Cone?

Like most joints, cavi cones start with marijuana. Cavi cone weed should be a strong, high-quality cannabis, either an uplifting sativa, a sofa-friendly indica, or hybrid, depending on the desired effect. The pot used should be only the best flower that is heavy with THC and flavorful terpenes. A high-profile joint with a high price point should not be where dispensaries get rid of their trim or low-grade bud.

Added to the pot is a concentrated cannabis for extra flavor and kick. Butane hash oil, wax, or another potent marijuana extract or concentrate is mixed or infused into the cavi cone weed. But that’s not all.

Before the joint is finished, one more ingredient is added to the cavi cone weed and concentrate. A healthy dose of kief, the collected trichome glands of cannabis that are full of cannabinoids and terpenes. The usually tan-colored, granular product adds even more flavor and buzz to the finished cone.

It’s Also a Brand Name

Cavi cone is not just a generic term for joints infused with concentrates and kief, it’s also a brand name from California cannabis company Caviar Gold. The company gives its cavi cones added taste by infusing the hash oil with natural flavors such as vanilla, raspberry, apple, grape, or strawberry. The original Cavi Cone’s little brother, the Cavi Doobie, is produced with 20 percent less hash oil for a slightly less powerful punch. Both versions come in THC-free options in order to provide a medicinal alternative without the high.

Whichever you choose—a brand name variety, a dispensary label alternative, or one you roll yourself— a cavi cone can give that extra lift needed to get you super baked.

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    • Wood
    • March 25, 2019

    Cavi Cones taste horrible, I tried them a few times and never enjoyed the experience. A real joint dosent need to be masked with artificial flavoring, I prefer the taste of real weed vs any Cavi Cone. Save yourself money and learn to roll yourself a joint.

    • July 12, 2019

    i smoke with a 2-3 hit pipe. The Cavi Cones rate at 50% + THC, compared to regularly sold flowers at around 25-30%. I empty a couple of Cavis and get about as much pot as a Quarter for about the same money. I do hate the fragrance though.

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